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Allergies and support on the NHS

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wellgetthere Mon 13-Jan-14 10:41:48

I have various allergies but with most I know what the trigger is and I can avoid/substitute products etc.

However, for 9 years now, I have had sore eyes (the area surrounding) whenever I use any cleaning products, dishwasher powder, washing liquid and even liquid soap. I always use rubber gloves and wash my hands frequently but as soon as I touch my eyes they flare up. I even wonder if I am allergic to rubber gloves.

I was given hydrocortisone cream but I am really not happy using it and the area around my eyes make me look as if I am 90. So I tend to just try and create a barrier with vaseline or something the GP gave me which is similar. Now people constantly ask me if I have been crying and often my eyes are really sore, so I wondered if there are clinics that could help me pinpoint what the allergy is to. My GP said that there were very few clinics under the NHS. Is this correct? Although we are low income at the moment, it has got so bad that I will probably go private if I have to.

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