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Periods after fibroid removal and endometrial ablation

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newstarticus Sun 12-Jan-14 22:53:15

I had this procedure done in November and thought it had gone well. Only a very light period in December. However, started another period last week which has become heavy and clotting, although ao far not the really bad flooding I had before.

Feeling a bit gutted to be honest - I was expecting my periods to be practically non existent. Anyone else had this experience?


fitflopqueen Mon 13-Jan-14 05:31:30

Yes. I had same procedure 4 yrs ago, flooding returned within 2 months But clots not as severe. Fibroids regrown too. Booked in for hysterectomy next week as I have had enough!
Don't leave it as long as me, wish i had gone back straightaway to get sorted out.

howmuchworse Mon 13-Jan-14 07:40:30

Think it needs about 3 months to settle down properly, so this doesn't necessarily mean the worst. I had one heavy one but nearly a year down the line that was the only bad one and the rest have been a doddle!

newstarticus Mon 13-Jan-14 17:39:50

Thanks for your responses. I'm hoping this is a one off but I guess I need to wait and see. I'll give the clinic a ring in the meantime and see what they think, as I don't have a follow up appointment.

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