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Sorry about this too :)

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Windymiller Wed 03-Mar-04 14:42:39

Since the birth of dd I have had a lot more *ahem* wind than I used to. Is this a pelvic floor issue?

Windymiller Wed 03-Mar-04 14:51:52

Anyone else find this?

prettycandles Wed 03-Mar-04 14:54:58

Ditto. In both directions.

I think that it's partly pelvic floor and partly that my gut makes more wind. You get windier during pregnancy because the hormones make your bowels work more slowly, IIRC, and I think that mine haven't realised that the baby left this humungous belly of mine a long time ago.

Twinkie Wed 03-Mar-04 14:55:35

God - better ask DP if he has given birth lately - he has more wind than anyone else Ihave ever met - mind you he has the grace to apologise after parping and look a little embarrassed - I only do it in the toilet - or so I let DP and DD think - if DP acuses me of it DD says ladies don't do that!! - I have her trained well - she obviously is not a lady yet and thinks its hilarious!!

M2T Wed 03-Mar-04 15:00:59

Oh I have no shame in the house when it comes to this! DS thinks it's hilarious too..... I've just about managed to train DH to say "Excuse me"!

Windymiller Wed 03-Mar-04 15:30:08

Hmm, it's not bum wind though!

batey Wed 03-Mar-04 15:37:54

Pilates is v.good for pelvic floor "issues" , as my instructor calls it! How recently did you give birth?

Twinkie Wed 03-Mar-04 15:39:56

Maybe you could have some kind of one way valve fitted and let it out quietly when you go to the loo!!

Demented Wed 03-Mar-04 21:24:57

OK not been sure whether to add to this or not or whether to change my name, but I can't be bothered doing that. It does sound like a pelvic floor issue, I only get wind there in certain circumstances (insert blushing smile), usually during my Body Balance class (oh help I hope nobody who knows me reads this), I have found that clenching the pelvic muscles during the 'danger' stretches helps. The first week I experienced this I was horrified but the next week I can assure you there were many 'parps' from around the room after this certain exercise! All has been quiet the last few weeks so I can only assume I am not the only one who has got the hang of the pelvic muscles! o)

Demented Wed 03-Mar-04 21:25:49

That should be at the end!

Windymiller Thu 04-Mar-04 13:26:29

OK I think it is pelvic floor then, wonder why it happens some time and not others.

Demented Thu 04-Mar-04 17:28:37

In BodyBalance it usually happens after lying on your back with your legs wide open, pressing down on thighs, then going from there into a three legged dog, perhaps raising your leg a bit too high! Do you do much of that sort of thing?

stace Thu 04-Mar-04 19:03:25

HI, have to say that unless i read you wrong if its not coming from the bottom end i dont see what it has to do with pelvic floor??? Perhaps just the stomach and all its bits and pieces are still a bit lazy from being pregnant?? What do i know anyway???

Windymiller Thu 04-Mar-04 19:16:38

OK lets not beat around the bush
Its fanny farts.

stace Thu 04-Mar-04 19:25:06

LOL ooh im not sure if im stupid, naive or just hormonal. Sorry cant really offer any advice why dont you ask the doctor or nurse at your doctors or health visitor if youre still in touch. Good luck

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