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cerazette -the pill

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funnybean Wed 08-Jan-14 02:22:35

Hey ladies ,
Im 20 years old and ive been on cerazette for nearly 3 years , i was put on it for acne but then chose to stay on it as it agreed with me but then these past 3 months ive been getting constant bleeding and i have been adviced by the GP to double dose it so take two everyday but knowing that this pill is mainly for people who are 12st + .... being 8 st makes me a bit consious of taking two ... is this okay to do so even though it goes by weight and will it do any harm ?

Many thanks

LeanneMM Mon 13-Jan-14 21:32:05

I have been on cereEtte for years never had anything like this and didnt know you could double dose i didnt get a period at all on it ! Now i have come off it i have had 1 period and none for 2 months 2 neg preg tests so got docs on wed to hopefully gt some answers gd luck with the double pill i would check back qith dr if it doesnt help

specialsubject Tue 14-Jan-14 13:40:08

since when was Cerazette for people over 12st?

news to me and nothing in the instructions.

if you are worried, ask the guy with the medical degree.

PipkinsPal Thu 16-Jan-14 17:17:54

Cerezette for women over 12stone? hmm I'm 8 1/2 stone, 46 tomorrow, and never smoked so this pill is the best for me. My Doctor said I can take it up to the menopause. It is usually prescribed for women over 40 and smokers of all ages.

ProfondoRosso Thu 16-Jan-14 17:27:25

I've been on Cerazette for years, funnybean, and have had lots of times of non-stop bleeding, sometimes light, sometimes heavy. But I was put on it because it's progesterone only, and I had the bleeding before (Microgynon made it worse).

I have a cervical erosion/ectopy, which is a completely harmless, very common condition, and that's what causes the bleeding. AFAIK, it's related to hormones and the pill is known for making it worse. My DM had it at my age, but it stopped after her first pregnancy. If it gets too heavy, I go to the doc to get it checked and they send me for a cauterisation as an outpatient if needed. I've had 2 since 2009. But very little bleeding these past couple of years.

I've never heard of double dosing, but do ask the doctor. You could asked to be checked for cervical erosion while you're at it.

PipkinsPal Thu 16-Jan-14 18:10:56

LeanneMM I was on it for a good few years and didn't get any bleeding. I came off it beginning of September 2012 and didn't get a period until January 2013. Then sometimes it was 81 days, sometimes 8 days, 21 days. All over the place. I knew I wasn't pregnant because I didn't have sex (crap relationship, now finished). I went back on it in September, no bleeding and everything fine. I don't even get spots now like I did when I was off it. I'm in a new relationship too smile

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