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Driving after a C-section

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collision Wed 03-Mar-04 11:45:09

How soon can you drive after having a c-section? My friend is driving after 4 weeks and Im sure she should wait til 6 weeks. Anyone know?

maretta Wed 03-Mar-04 11:47:04

I sure that one reason it is six weeks is that your insurance could be invalid until then.

Not sure if this is true?

Janh Wed 03-Mar-04 11:49:09

There are people on MN who drove after 2 weeks - I don't see why you shouldn't if you can, but like you I think the advice is 6 weeks. Not sure what the legal position is - maybe if you had an accident driving sooner the insurance wouldn't pay out if you hadn't told them?

harman Wed 03-Mar-04 11:58:43

Message withdrawn

fairydust Wed 03-Mar-04 11:59:08

i'm not 100% sure not i do know your not surpose to do excercise for 6-8 after the c-section - one thing i do know is that she won't be covered on her car insurance - by mum had a histertomy and the docs told her this


luchar Wed 03-Mar-04 12:09:15

Hi - I checked with my car insurers and they said I wasn't insured to drive until two weeks after the op and that this was standard with any major surgery. The issue is about being able to do an emergency stop. I checked with my Dr both times and was told I was OK to drive both times as soon as the two weeks were up. Depends on how your friend feels I guess - some people heal fst than others. HTH. Luchar x

Kittypickle Wed 03-Mar-04 12:14:03

I think it depends on your insurance company what their policy is on this. I felt ready to drive at 4 weeks and rang mine who said as long as my GP was happy that I was fit enough then I would be covered. My GP agreed so I started driving again. My midwive said a good way of testing whether you'd be OK to do an emergency stop is to stamp one of your feet really hard up and down, if it hurts or pulls then you shouldn't drive.

Furball Wed 03-Mar-04 12:14:41

I rang my insurance and they told me that they couldn't tell me that I couldn't drive. They said if I felt I could, then fine. A friend of mine had to wait till her doctor said she could. So there seems to be no set advice.

CountessDracula Wed 03-Mar-04 12:30:20

My ins co said I couldn't drive for 6 weeks unless I had the express permission of a doctor.

I called my doc at 4 weeks and he gave me permission

SofiaAmes Wed 03-Mar-04 21:34:12

It depends on your insurance company AND also on your physical health. I saw a physio before I left hospital (only useful person I did see) who said that I shouldn't drive until the gap had closed between the two muscles running down the front of my stomach, as driving involves twisting your torso (when looking over your shoulder etc.) which risks tearing the unstrenghtened muscles. They part during pregnancy to allow you to expand and slowly go back together during the weeks/months after birth. He gave me pelvis tilting/sit up exercises to help strengthen and pull them together. He said that this not driving until they came together was applicable whether or not one had a c-section, but if you had had a cs, it would be a little longer before you would be able to do serious exercises to strengthen the muscles and therefore would take longer to pull them together.

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