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Urgent question re gallbladder recovery and whether this is normal...:(

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Badvocatyuletide Sun 29-Dec-13 15:41:59

Had my gb out 4 weeks ago.
I then got a chest infection 2 weeks ago.
Since then I have had the most horrendous pain in my ribs, under my breast and my back.
I went to the gp on Xmas eve and she said she thinks it's musculoskeletal but reading google (I know, I know...) it could be a bile duct injury sad
I don't have a fever or jaundice but do feel nauseous.
The pain isn't all the time, it comes and goes, but when it hits it's bad.
Am taking paracetamol and ibuprofen.
Any point going back to gp tomorrow?
Don't want to end up in a and e on a Sunday - they won't do anything anyway (bitter experience from prior to my op sad)

lougle Mon 30-Dec-13 00:26:06


GoingToBedfordshire Mon 30-Dec-13 08:30:20

Oh yes, I would definitely been in agony with both together. I had pancreatitis before I had my gallbladder out, so no stranger to pain either.

Sorry the docs haven't been understanding, it really doesn't help you much. How are you feeling today?

Badvocatyuletide Mon 30-Dec-13 08:53:33

Ok ish.
Had an ok night...not too much pain.
How have you ben since having your Gb out going.?

GoingToBedfordshire Mon 30-Dec-13 14:50:53

Not too bad at all - would say I was in bed for about 5 days, then up and about but still tender and tired for another month. Completely better and energy levels back in about 8 weeks I think. No probs with digestion, eating a completely normal diet now.

Glad you feel a little better. I went to the doc last Tues with the cough induced muscle strain and that feels pretty much better now if that gives you an idea of recovery from that. As I said, would not have relished the two together at all. Please go back for another opinion if you're still in a lot of pain though, hopefully you will see a more sympathetic practitioner next time.

Badvocatyuletide Mon 30-Dec-13 14:57:14

I only really had 24 hours rest after my op as sadly my ds2 was sent home ill from school so the rest of the week I was clearing up sick and diahorrea sad oh, and Dh went easy with work for 2 days! Not ideal.
Then I got this chest infection...
No wonder I feel bad sad

GoingToBedfordshire Mon 30-Dec-13 15:01:18

Omg, no wonder then. You poor thing - rope in any support you can. brew for you.

Oops RL dragged me away Badvoc

I got the injury after having my gallbladder removed - a stone was squeezed out during the op (undetected) and lodged in the duct. I developed acute pancreatitis not long after surgery, and the procedure to remove it damaged things.

It's taken a few years to actually find this out though - the hospital tried to cover things up.

Badvoc Tue 31-Dec-13 09:20:25

Oh how awful sad I'm so sorry. Was it ERCP you had?
Well, I am still in pain, but not so bad.
It's very odd.
Sometimes it on The right side - like now - sometimes it's on the left, sometimes in the centre and through to my back!
My dh goes back to work on thurs And I am worried how I will manage alone with the dc tbh sad
Felt quite sick last night too.
No one seems to know what it could be sad

Yes, an ERCP. I've ended up with a stent because of scarring.

Try googling post cholecystectomy syndrome - it affects around 10% of post op patients. It is also possible that it's just taking time for your body to adjust sad

Badvoc Tue 31-Dec-13 15:22:39

Oh you poor thing! sad
I have googled ERpc and it seems to have quite a lot of complications.
The irony is my consultant said my gb wasn't too bad...but the other stone was at the entrance/exit of the gb and bile was building up behind it/couldn't be released.
He may want me to have a Scan I guess but I would be very wary of having an ERpc from what I have read.
I am cutting out gluten and dairy to see if that helps.
I am fairly sure I am gluten and dairy intolerant - mum is coeliac - so will see if that helps!
I plan on doing very little til dh goes back to work...will see if that helps too.

Iluffschocolate Wed 01-Jan-14 22:33:48

I hope they find out quickly what's wrong with you Badvoc. I had an erpc but they couldn't find anything, and assumed (as I'd also had no more symptons) I'd passed the small stones that had been left behind. Hope you get sorted soon.

The sad thing was that I needed the ERCP, or it would have been major surgery. I just wish that it had gone better (or that I was awake for it).

I've found that a diet low in gluten helps with some of the more horrible side effects, dairy has no effect, a low fat diet is good, and cutting out onions is of major benefit, but YMMV on that.

How are you today?

Badvoc Wed 01-Jan-14 22:53:29

Tapir....I am doing gf/wheat free. Doing ok, but it's hard. My diet was v v wheat heavy.
Have had a bit of dairy today (leftover Xmas choc and a splash of milk) but I don't have much anyway and I have none of the symptoms of milk intolerance so,I think that may be a red herring for me.
I feel ok ish. Only twinges, no more bad pain, but I have been Doing very little. Plan to continue to! smile
My sis had her gb out (open op, much worse than mine) and has had no issues other than one attack very like a gb attack since (and this was 6 years ago)
I see the consultant a week today so we shall see what he says...
I certainly need to take better care of myself.....if these last weeks have taught me anything, it's that.
I have been looking at dr briffa/low carb/wheat free diet again...I lost 1.5 stones doing it in 2012 and am cross I stopped.
Iluff...I hope if they were there I passed them!
I certainly don't need to lose anymore weight (am now down to 9 stone) but I need to do this for my health.
I will let you know hoe I get on.
Thank you for the sympathy and advice! X

Anytime Badvoc - I went through a hellish time after mine, and was down to 7 stone!

Will keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to improve for you x

Badvoc Thu 02-Jan-14 08:05:46

Felt quite icky last night sad
Still getting odd pains where my gallbladder was iyswim?
ESP if I turn on that side when asleep.
Dh back to work today sad
Hope the dc are happy to have a pj day!

Just a quick question - has anyone (ie a doctor) mentioned prescribing you something like omeprazole/lansoprazole? I've been taking it since my op, as some of my pain was caused by the acid/bile always being 'on' IYSWIM.

Are you taking any painkillers at all?

Badvoc Thu 02-Jan-14 18:53:44

I have been on those meds before and am now on Zantac 300mg for GERD and have been for 6 years since pg with ds2 sad
I am desperate to get off them.
I am trying not to take painkillers unless I really need them...haven't taken any for 2 days as it's more of an achey pain now.
Seems to be worse when I have been carrying anything/stretching etc

Tbh, I'd stay on the Zantac. It's the gold standard treatment for GERD, and coming off it may make things more painful.

Other than that, it sounds like your body is adjusting to life without the gallbladder, and is healing nicely.

You'll know not to take any NSAID's for a while?

Badvoc Fri 03-Jan-14 07:43:05

Ugh....awful night last night...bad pain in centre of stomach going straight through to back sad
Lasted about 20 mins.
I took ibuprofen!
Why shouldn't I take NSAIDs?
All the drs have told me to take them post op!

NSAID's are good for inflammation - but can aggravate the stomach, liver, and pancreas - especially when already stressed by other conditions like GERD or a recent op.

I was told to avoid them for at least 2 months post op.

My current meds are paracetamol and tramadol. I've found that codeine/co-codamol makes existing pain worse, but YMMV on that.

Does drinking milk or water during an attack of pain help?

Badvoc Fri 03-Jan-14 14:21:55

I think I may have pancreatitis...sad
The pain was so bad.

Go get medical help - pancreatitis is not something to mess around with.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all turns out well.

lougle Fri 03-Jan-14 17:41:02

Get checked up, Badvoc, because you're clearly still worried. Acute pancreatitis tends to be more constant, though, certainly not just 20 minutes (not minimising how painful that 20 minutes was though)

I notice that you often have the pain at night. Do you think it could be reflux? Do you get it in the day time (when you are sat/stood up)

Badvoc Fri 03-Jan-14 20:10:31

So, gp sent me to hospital.
Bloods ok so no infection.
However, they think I have gastritis (sp?) and costa condritis (sp?) and that it's been caused by the drs telling me to take ibuprofen since I had my op sad
Got to have a camera down as she is worried I may have a stomach ulcer now too sad
THanks so much for the advice and concern - I am sure you have better things to do. I do appreciate it x

Badvoc Fri 03-Jan-14 20:17:15

So I am not allowed to take ibuprofen ever again(!)
And I am on meds for next 2 weeks - ppi's
Am so craft rated and fed up.
5 weeks of my life in a pain filled blur and it could be due to the very meds the dr title me to take sad
Thanks tapir and Lougle.

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