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The Trots!

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fee77 Mon 01-Mar-04 17:21:56

Help - my 20wk DD has had the squits for over 48 hours - we are running out of clothes! Is there anything i can do? I have been to the doctor, who said "she seems ok, it will pass". When should i start to worry? She is still taking her feeds, but they seem to run straight through her. She refuses to drink any water, and was in the process of being weaned, but i have abandoned that for now. Any advice gratefully recieved, or any tips on how to stop a nappy turning into a piping nosel(sp?)!

wiltshire Mon 01-Mar-04 18:18:51

I would buy some dyrolite (sp) and ask your pharmacist for a syringe & force feed little bits of it. When my 3 month old had gastroenteritus, thats what hosp told us to do. Also you could give her banana. Not sure if this is true, but I am sure I heard that it can constipate, so hopefully work against the squits.

wiltshire Mon 01-Mar-04 18:19:34

when I said force feed little bits, I meant with water, not just the powder

twiglett Mon 01-Mar-04 18:25:19

message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 01-Mar-04 19:13:02

Poor dd.

Agree with the rehydration fluid and you could try a little plain baby rice. Is she formula or b fe ?If it persists for a day longer and she is on formula you could lay off the feeds for 12 hours or so IF she will take the fluid (which contains sugar and minerals) instead but check with GP/ HV first. If b'fed then feed little and often.


handlemecarefully Tue 02-Mar-04 08:27:51

I agree with Wiltshire - you can make young babies take water through a syringe at 5mls a time. I also did this with my dd when she was a baby. Anything to prevent the possibility of dehydration.

fee77 Thu 18-Mar-04 09:32:56

Sorry i didn't leave an update - DD passed "the bug" on to me and DH, bless!
For any one else who has similar problems, as apparently there is a lot of it going around i found watering down DD feeds kept dehydration at bay. Dyrolite can only be used under doctors advice for children under 3.
Thankfully we are all better now - thank you everyone for the advice.

Nek Thu 10-Feb-05 16:03:41

Dear fee77,
Was your DD vaccinated just before starting with that?
My boy has been with diarrohea since the day before his 2nd immunization (the one at 3 months) and I suspect that the vial of vaccine is the culprit.

janx Thu 10-Feb-05 18:39:06

my dd is 5 months and teething - has had runny green diarrhea for four days - thought it was due to baby rice which I had started her on, but have stopped that and is still going on. Any ideas - am bf but she is having on bottle of organic formula in evening? Can't get docs appt until next week - she doesn't have temperature or seem unwell, but has nappy rash

kalex Thu 10-Feb-05 18:42:55


There is no way they (drs) should make you wait till next week. If you are really really worried phone NHS direct and get an emergency app. I f not phone your surrgery first thing in the morning and DEMAND, as nicely as possible, one.

They always keep app's back til the morning.

janx Fri 11-Feb-05 23:36:56

Thanks for your advice kalex - phoned nhs direct and saw my doctor this morning - dd is ok - has bug that is going around - apparently can take two weeks to clear up. Am in the process of trying to change doctors

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