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Early Menopause - tips?

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TheSporkforeatingkyriarchy Wed 25-Dec-13 00:55:01

It runs in my family, but I don't really have any that I can ask. All I can remember is that most of the women in my mother's side of the family had started menopause before 40 (my great grandmother before 25 and many were never fertile). My mother was 'late' by her family's standards and started shortly after turning 43. I'm mostly asking for tips and comfort as I'm feeling a bit - even though it runs in the family, I still never expected it to happen to me, not after having four kids, and I'm concerned how this is going to affect them as well as me and how to limit it as much as possible.

I'm 28 and all the signs are there. Looking back, I think it started with headaches, moods, and palpitations months ago that I had previously put down to allergies and stress, but I really didn't notice until my clockwork always the same periods are off, sometimes really light but longer, other times quite heavy, my sex drive tanked after being sky high, and urinary issues. It's like a checklist smacked me in the face earlier this month. And in the last week, I've started having hot flashes radiating from from my chest everywhere - I normally hate the cold, but I've been quite enjoying it this past week. And I'm having insomnia hence posting now.

I'm going to see the doctor in the new year, I want to spend some time monitoring how its affecting me and wrap my head around it. I know my bones will be a concern, especially as I already have joint problems. I'm concerned about my moods, I've noticed I'm far more irritable than usual and some of my depression thoughts seem to be working their way back. My brains a bit of a mess on this.

So, for those who went through it young with young kids, any tips on handling it? Anything I should particularly watch out for or let my doctor know about?

ItisEyeLeScrooge Wed 25-Dec-13 01:00:08

HRT. Total lifesaver.

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