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piratecat Tue 24-Dec-13 22:51:44

having looked at my prescription again it;s actually got -0.25 cyl. that's astigmatism isn't it.

i told her not to correct for this. grrrr. if that's what it is.

and it's also got 1/2 DN, that's the prism bit?? dunnno.

piratecat Tue 24-Dec-13 22:30:36

hi IB, i do hope so. i am not sure i've given it enough time tho. got my old ones on.

is that bad?

IndigoBarbie Tue 24-Dec-13 21:33:37

pirate, Surely they would take the prism out of your script if it's causing you issues? I used to think my prescriptions were actually too strong, and my eyes then got 'used' to them - even if I used to sway going up and down stairs etc.........
Good luck xxx love IB

piratecat Tue 24-Dec-13 19:59:04

A funny thread for Xmas Eve, but am mulling over my eyeballs.

my eyes were left -2.50 and right -2.25

got tested and new glasses became -3.25 and -3.00

they were way too strong, so i had them retested somewhere else (long story vision express couldn't fit me in for two weeks)

new script -2.75 and -2.75 BUT she put a 0.25 prism in both eyes to help with lining up veritcals. Thing is it doesn't feel right, I am dizzy and i don't think it's right. Also my left eye feels more blurred than without the prism.

For background they once tried to correct slight astigmatism in the left eye and i couldn't tolerate that either.

anyway, as well as this she discovered (after I'd said i had slight blurry vision in my left eye) that i have lesions on the left macular which i need to get checked out.

i had a retinal problem 20 yrs ago when i woke up one morning with a huge floater in front of my eye.(old age they said (i was 22!) but i know now it's degenerative thing)

Also ten yrs later had a migrainous episode that cause stroke like symptoms on the left side that lasted about 4 hours.

ANYWAY, i wrote all that to give an idea about my left eye. I have a horrible feeling i am going to have to go back again, will they take the prism out? Have i given it enough time, 4 days.

thanks eye people. merry christmas.

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