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Urgent! What works for chronic constipation to the point I simply can't go?

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Pixiedust1973 Mon 23-Dec-13 22:30:01

Not been to the toilet for over a week now. Got to the stage where I cannot eat. Nothing is working I have tried exlax chocolate, suppositories, laxido (8 sachets) & dulcalax pico pearles plus lots of water. The out of hours GP prescribed the pico pearles last night & I took them about 10 1/2 hours ago as well as the max dose of laxiod again & suppositories. Supposed to work within 6 to 12 hours, still nothing.. What else can I try? I don't want to spend Christmas day on the toilet or unable to eat. sad

chocolatespiders Mon 23-Dec-13 22:52:32

if you cant find prune juice, it is normally with the longlife juices then buy tinned prunes and drink the juice.

barleysugar Mon 23-Dec-13 22:53:41

Can you still get glycerine suppositories from chemists? My dad used to swear by them!

Imnotaslimjim Mon 23-Dec-13 22:53:59

curlew has it. At this stage, manual evacuation is the only way unfortunately. Once you got the first bit moved, it should help

Hope you get it resolved soon, I've never felt more unwell than when I was constipated

Marzipanface Mon 23-Dec-13 22:56:47

You need to see a GP! This happened to me. I was given movicol. Take it then hold onto your hat...

IHaveSeenMyHat Mon 23-Dec-13 22:58:32

Mega sympathies. Looks like you need something major. I have no experience with enemas (although I have tried every other constipation remedy known to man) but I think that's what you'll need.

Forget prune juice, Fybogel, Lactulose... anything you take by mouth, basically. You need unblocking.

I'd recommend Movicol to keep things on an even keel once you're better though. It's the only thing that helps me.

2whippetsnobed Mon 23-Dec-13 22:59:27

Sorry to say it but the gloved finger is the way out now.
< speaking from experience here >

EssentialCoffee Mon 23-Dec-13 23:00:02

This sounds horrendous! I find I can get constipated easily, but I've started changing my habits a bit and it's helped a lot to do regular exercise, drink more water and eat less chocolate/biscuit/cakes.

Hope you have some luck with the doctors!

ILoveGlyfada Mon 23-Dec-13 23:00:05

Lactulose from the pharmacy (don't know if you can buy it without prescription.) or Sunsweet Californian prune juice (waitrose, asda, Tesco, Holland and b) can work with "normal" constipation BUT I think you need the doctor/ a&e urgently as nothing worked so far.
I am so sorry for you, hope you will be fine but if I were you I wouldn't wait any longer as you can really damage your bowels/intestines.
You must be totally physically blocked :-(

Pixiedust1973 Mon 23-Dec-13 23:00:33

Ive not been able to leave the house in about 4 days waiting for these damn preparations to work. Don't want to be out & about & suddenly get caught short lol. Am supposed to be picking up my dad tomorrow for Christmas, but its one & a half hours drive away so my partner will have to go alone. Tried fruit juices, coffee & laxido is the same type of thing as movicol & been using it for days to no avail. Not tried the micralax yet or braved the rubber gloves. Think its quite far up as otherwise suppositories should work.

Marzipanface Mon 23-Dec-13 23:00:58

Oh and dried apricots always get me moving.

ILoveOnionRings Mon 23-Dec-13 23:01:37

Am I the only one wondering at browsing round bookshop or library?

lougle Mon 23-Dec-13 23:01:47

Seriously now, how far does the sensation of fullness go? Do you feel like you're full in the rectum but just can't push it out? (Sometimes a stool can be too hard and bulky to squeeze out of the anus). If so, you could try putting a finger in your vagina and seeing if you have any stools that you can guide down.

Some enemas are basically soapy water, which irritates the bowel and encourages motility. You could try sitting in a warm bath with plenty of soapy water, then gently push and relax your bowel, to encourage water in.

Pixiedust1973 Mon 23-Dec-13 23:02:16

Hopefully the GP will help tomorrow. Thanks all. smile

chocolatespiders Mon 23-Dec-13 23:03:31

you could try and sit on the toilet with your knees bent and feet up on something highish, I remember some one telling me it helped her go to the toilet

lougle Mon 23-Dec-13 23:04:02

Also, if you've had children, your abdominal muscles can be a bit lax. It may help to use your hand to push on your abdomen as you try and have a bowel movement, to give some resistance and 'direct' the push.

Pixiedust1973 Mon 23-Dec-13 23:05:23

I can't feel anything in the actual bowel area, its above that, stomach & above I feel full up to the brim where I feel sick with it. Its horrendous. I imagine it is below but I can't feel it. Have previously put my finger next door & pushed it across, but this is different somehow.

Pixiedust1973 Mon 23-Dec-13 23:06:06

There is no urge to go whatsoever

Mamafratelli Mon 23-Dec-13 23:08:13

Go back to the docs and tell them about the full feeling. You could have an obstruction. Hopefully not but worth considering.

IHaveSeenMyHat Mon 23-Dec-13 23:08:41

I think you might have to go to A&E tomorrow OP. You won't want to be hospitalised over Christmas (and your situation sounds serious enough to warrant it) so you need to get yourself sorted tomorrow.

LEMoncehadacatcalledSANTA Mon 23-Dec-13 23:09:30

I am reading this while eating a bacon sandwich hmm

scripsi Mon 23-Dec-13 23:10:54

yes another vote for obscenely strong coffee!

jumperooo Mon 23-Dec-13 23:12:14

Sympathies.I had this after giving birth. Really not what I needed to deal with after a 4th degree tear, haemorrhage & blood transfusions! Nothing passed for over a week despite fybogel, senacot, prune juice, dried apricots, movicol, and more I can't remember. Was bloody awful. GP inserted a suppository on day 9 and said it would definitely work. Nothing happened. In the end I just cried on the phone to the surgery and the district nurse came to my house and did a proper enema. Was warned it wouldn't be pleasant and it was not pleasant ,but it worked. Good luck hope you get it sorted.

scripsi Mon 23-Dec-13 23:12:43

sorry, seen you've already tried that. I do think you need to go to A&E.

Pixiedust1973 Mon 23-Dec-13 23:13:37

I had my stomach felt at emergency GP yesterday & she said my stomach was feeling soft & everything was gurgling away like it was working but still over 24 hours on theres nothing. Will take 4 more of the pico pearles tonight & see if they work then to GP in morning. sad

ggirl Mon 23-Dec-13 23:14:04

laxido and movicol are the same thing to all the posters recommending it

I 2nd going to gp tomorrow

are you passing wind?
how does you abdomen feel when you press it?

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