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Treatment for recurring piles/skin tag

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Stillcomingtoterms Mon 23-Dec-13 20:40:40

Since having dd 9 yrs ago I've suffered with piles. Since one very painful episode it's also left me with a skin tag that is constantly hanging there.

I've had banding which didn't work. Now I have another painful bout of piles and it's got me thinking that I need to sort them out. ESP as I'm newly single and the thought of anyone seeing my arse is embarrassing.

The gp mentioned Haemorrhoidectomy but I've heard its horrendous. Has anyone had anything done which worked?

JeremyPiven Mon 23-Dec-13 23:07:53

I haven't had haemoroiddectomy, I also had banding of 4 of them. But I was left with 3 huge skin tags, which I had removed under GA. not particularly nice but it did work, very sore afterwards.

Problem is I have had a couple of new ones since, and have now a new skin tag as well. I think if you are susceptible or just happens- I am not constipated or overweight, I just seem to get them on occasion.

Anyway I was glad I had the tags removed.

princessalbert Thu 26-Dec-13 09:44:51

I had three large skin tags removed two weeks ago, under GA.

The recovery period was quite tough, and am only just feeling relatively back to normal now. Still struggling when I have to have a poo though.

All a bit odd, with painful spasms in the anus which surprised me, I thought it would just be pain from the cut and stitching.

I was expecting it all to look perfect after wards but whilst it is a significant improvement, isn't a perfect ass. Meh.

However I would have it done again if necessary. Just be prepared for the painful recovery period.

cardamomginger Thu 26-Dec-13 13:17:37

I have an appointment with colorectal bloke next month to sort out my piles and large tag. having had 3 major gynae ops in the last 2 years, a horrible recovery plus spasming is not what I had in mind!

girliefriend Thu 26-Dec-13 13:28:47

no advice im afraid but suffer with them as well, my main problem in the fecking itchiness blush so am lurking!!!

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