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Has anyone had their ankle fused?

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RudolphtheRedknowsraindear Mon 23-Dec-13 08:30:33

2 years ago, I smashed the lower part of my leg & ankle to pieces. I had it built up with more metal than you'd believe. I'm left with constant pain in my lower leg & ankle, it swells all the time, I need a stick to walk & my lower back & hip now ache all the time. Some people say that ankle fusion was wonderful, others say they've had nothing but pain since.
To add to the mix, 12 months ago I had a mastectomy for breast cancer. I've just had reconstruction, & the wound on my back has opened up & become infected. This will make putting my weight through crutches difficult.
I did have a major wobble about secondary bone mets in my back, but my onc assures me that this is unlikely & that the pain is probably because of my altered walking position.
Has anyone any advice/knowledge of ankle fusion?

Oh, & Merry Christmas! fconfused

Matildathecat Mon 23-Dec-13 16:18:52

OMG you poor thing. Big sympathy to you.

I had a friend who years ago smashed both legs/ ankles in a car accident. She eventually had one ankle fused. After that she seemed to walk ok although needed a specially built up shoe due to one leg healing shorter than the other. No stick.

So sorry about your breast cancer and problems with reconstruction. Can you concentrate on getting that healed and sorted then regather your strength for the fusion?

Good luck.x

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