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Bitewing films

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pinaybabe23 Sun 22-Dec-13 23:24:47

Did anyone have any bitewing films taken when they were pregnant. I asked my dentist if it was a digital xray he just said a standard machine and he took two xrays using two films. I wanted to ask if anyone has done this at the beginning of their pregnancy without a lead apron or had several dental xrays without a lead apron. I want to know what risk I have give my child I was 6 weeks pregnant. And no I dont know the date of my last period.

pinaybabe23 Sun 22-Dec-13 23:27:11

Bitewing dental film - 0.4 millirem A single dose would be 0.4 millirem so two would be 0.8 is that really low with anyone who has had a xray please lt me know. thank you.

Leverette Mon 23-Dec-13 08:45:53

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Musicaltheatremum Mon 23-Dec-13 14:34:19

A GP wouldn't have a clue. (I'm one and don't know) if a dentist is doing X-rays then they should be up to date with the risks and OP should seek advice from them.

bonzo77 Mon 23-Dec-13 14:49:57

dentist here. the risk is negligible. The beam is aimed no where near the foetus. We no longer use lead aprons at all. You pick up far more more radiation on a short air flight, and plenty of people do that while pregnant. As a dentist I would avoid doing "elective" xrays in pregnant women in order to avoid the kind of worry you are now experiencing (not to avoid any harm, because none is likely). I would however do whatever xrays were required to diagnose and treat a tooth ache for example.

OTOH I have worked through both my pregnancies, and especially with my first, took dozens of xrays a week.

Waitingaround Mon 23-Dec-13 15:41:28

piney, as already said on other thread, you are worrying unnecessarily. I assume you would fly whilst pregnant, or visit Cornwall/Wales? Doing all of those things would result in a larger dose to the foetus. The dose is tiny and the beam very well collimated. If your still worried though talk to the radiation protection supervisor at the dentists, and they can reassure. As obviously you are not getting the answer you want from the internet.

Oh and during both my pregnancies I worked with radiation in theatres and interventional fluoroscopy quite safely.

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