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Which health insurance policy?

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Me2Me2 Sat 21-Dec-13 10:23:25

If you have health insurance who is it with? And is your cover comprehensive or just for stuff not covered by NHS?

I have BUPA International at the moment, carried on from when I lived abroad. It's been great and covered all antenatal and c section, but it costs a lot and for every day appointments I use the nhs mostly.

I'd like to move to a uk policy, eg bupa, and would quite like to have the kids on the policy as I liked having access to a paediatrician whilst abroad and nhs GPs often can't answer my questions at child appts, or dont havr time. I'd also like the convenience of seeing a doc at relatively short notice without having to take the whole morning off work.

If you have a policy you're happy with, who's it with?

pineberries Wed 12-Feb-14 22:14:47

Bump! I'd really like to know this too!

QOD Wed 12-Feb-14 22:22:30

Don't take a policy with a no claims discount
Do be aware that you can't just use it to see a paediatrician like you did abroad, I mean you CAN but you will ramp up your premiums massively. Use it for when the nhs wait is too long or if there is actually something wrong

Aviva. They do a good cover, brilliant prices but if you claim the ncd goes down massively
BUPA. Swap onto a uk only plan BUT they are the dearest of the lot and they try to guide where you go, who you see and they shortfall nearly every surgeon and anaesthetist
AXA PPP utter buggers but good prices and plans, they are involved in a lot of broker schemes, Health online, SAGA (but over 50's and ncd again) google AXA PPP broker schemes
Wpa are ok, Exeter, Pru health .... Loads

QOD Wed 12-Feb-14 22:23:44

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