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Yucky question..

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charliecat Sat 28-Feb-04 17:08:19

Anyone know what thier cervix feels like? One word answers acceptable, like smooth, bumpy rough or whatever. Dont ask!!!!!!!

bunny2 Sat 28-Feb-04 17:15:11

Apparently it feels like the tip of your nose.

AussieSim Sat 28-Feb-04 18:28:56

Gee Charliecat - I am a bit worried about your self esteem. What is 'yucky' about ones own cervix? BTW The english translation from german is the mother mouth.

I hope I don't cause too much offense by advising you that if you want to know what it feels like - go in and find out.

zebra Sat 28-Feb-04 19:19:48

Both Squishy & firm. LIke an overripe orange.

alibubbles Sat 28-Feb-04 20:05:54

Seeiing as I felt mine yesterday, ( feeling for the strings of my newly inserted Mirena coil) smooth, warm, fleshy, very soft, like ones cheek.
Mine is retroverted so is generally not that accessible, but seems to be low lying at the moment, almost swollen? is that becaus of the insertion of the coil?

spacemonkey Sat 28-Feb-04 20:06:38

<cringe> i'm really squeamish about poking around my bits

charliecat Sat 28-Feb-04 22:44:57

Thanks folks! Yucky question for anyone eating and not wanting to read things about folks insides...which is why i put yucky question, so someone didnt throw up at their desk!
Mother mouth...eeeeeerrrrr. now that is disgusting!

AussieSim Sun 29-Feb-04 13:52:04

I personally haven't noted most people on here to be v squeamish. If you think mother mouth is bad what about mother cake for placenta? They are a very practical bunch over here. Not half so guilt ridden and full of body shame as your average anglophile (of which I am one).

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