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Hysterectomies - it's gotta be done but over here for hand holding part two

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Oddsocksrus Mon 09-Dec-13 22:57:05

Over here for the hand holding.
One in five women in the uk will have to have a hysterectomy at some point in their lives.
Come and join us if you are waiting, pre op, bleery eyed on the ward or recovering afterwards.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 04-Jan-14 15:37:47

It will get better once your bowel kick starts itself, stick to fruit, veg, smoothies and soups in the meantime. By day 4 I was a lot better.

Twinkletights Sat 04-Jan-14 16:05:34

Oh Ledkr so very sorry to hear that you are feeling so rubbish. We're you given pain relief to take home?
Still surprised that this was treated as a day case for you, it probably depends which trust/area you are in which is also awful.
Your DD sounds lovely

I have spent the day bulk cooking and have ordered some peppermint capsules, it sounds like I am going to need them.

Kevinsbowel Sat 04-Jan-14 16:20:28

I think I would have felt pretty weak going home just 12 hours later. You will feel better very soon. Just being home warm and cosy will help.

I am a bowel infidel, I didn't do any of this peppermint capsule stuff, though I do always have peppermint tea at bedtime anyway. Apples and plums baked in the oven under foil. And lots of green vegetables (sprouts, cabbage, broccoli). And cups of tea.

Ledkr Sat 04-Jan-14 17:30:42

Sorry, I was being a bit self pitying.
I got out of bed for a bit which has helped although it does mean I saw dh's slight chaos as he takes down the Xmas decs and builds a bird table all while looking after dds.
In fact little dd said to me "bit hungry" when she saw me grin
Feel better for getting up tho.

SantasPelvicFloor Sat 04-Jan-14 20:30:39

I was glad to go home and went home 8 hours after the op. I did go straight to bed though and was my every need was tended to. Being in my own bed was bliss.

Kevin is a bowel infidel has a strange ring to it...

I practiced throwing and catching an American football on the beach today, planted an apple and plum tree (with help) and cooked for a family dinner party. I do feel great but getting out of bed and being showered before 10:30am is still a challenge.

Ledkr Sat 04-Jan-14 20:47:25

I agree about bring in bed alone. Lovely.
I have got up for a bit but an itching to get back to my nest!

Twinkletights Sat 04-Jan-14 20:52:01

sad worry is starting to set in here

Laparoscpic ladies how many scars do you have and did you get much bruising?

SantasPelvicFloor Sat 04-Jan-14 21:18:56

Minimal bruising (and I bruise easily) and 3 scars. One healed very quickly on left hip area. One in right bikini area was sore and slightly bruised. It was also puckered. Tummy button was sore but wound was invisible, camouflaged by the 'button'.

All healed well however the dissolvable stitches never dissolved. A friend cut two out for me at 3 weeks and I popped into the ward and had tummy button stitches removed at nearly 4 weeks.

Ledkr Sat 04-Jan-14 21:22:35

I'm only the next day and while I wouldn't say it's been my favourite two days I'm sat here watching Django with dh and have never regretted having it.
It's bearable.

Kevinsbowel Sat 04-Jan-14 21:48:03

I have two little spots on each side of my gut, where the camera and the instruments went in. They never hurt, and the stitches dissolved and fell out around 2.5 weeks, along with the glue on top. I have a scar about an inch long just along the public hairline. That one still itches a bit. And my tummy button was kind of remodelled. It's actually rather better looking than it was before, and very much cleaner- I was blush when I realised the surgeon must have cleaned out all the old fluff and dead skin... That was bruised for about three weeks but it didn't hurt unless I leant on it.

Twinkletights Sat 04-Jan-14 21:59:27

Thank you Santa, Ledkr and Kevin it really helps to be able to ask these random questions instead of fretting.

A remodelled belly button!

Ledkr Sat 04-Jan-14 22:03:05

I sat up for too long a d let the pain killers wear off ouch!
I had a bit of a bleed after walking up to my room (attic) is that ok? Bleeding feels scary when u know its not a period.

SantasPelvicFloor Sat 04-Jan-14 22:09:47

I was told that there is a clot at the vault of vagina (cervix removed in my case) and it breaks down and is the blood loss. If it doesn't break down it can act as a source of infection.

However I had fresh red loss which is obviously not clot! It has however settled. Expect it for 6 weeks I was told.

Kevinsbowel Sun 05-Jan-14 08:03:14

Everyone bleeds to start with - I was sent home with those disposable sheets you get after a baby. I was finished within the week, but most people seem to have bled for longer.

Straight after the OP, it's just tidying up the blood that didn't get hoovered up by the surgical team at the time, I think. Then often that bleeding stops, and after a few days you get new bleeding which is the clot breaking down. Some people also get what Santa has had, more bleeding for a while.

One of us had a retrocyle (?sp) stitch go (was that odd socks?) and more new heavy bleeding and pain, and I think she went in and got antibiotics.

Ledkr Sun 05-Jan-14 09:57:04

I'm bleeding an awful lot of fresh red blood. I feel a bit worried. Only had tubes n ovaries should it be this bad?

SantasPelvicFloor Sun 05-Jan-14 09:59:37

More or less than a period ledkr?

I was day case like you and was given the number of the gynae ward to call at any time. They were brilliant and I called twice. Very fast response and seen quickly.

SantasPelvicFloor Sun 05-Jan-14 10:01:05

I'd say more bleeding than hysterectomy. Your uterus might be shedding the lining as the hormones have dipped. We had no uterus to bleed iykwim

Ledkr Sun 05-Jan-14 10:05:14

It's about the same as a first day period.
Very dark/bright red.

Ledkr Sun 05-Jan-14 10:17:33

One if my wounds is oozing too now, watery blood, it's soaked my nightie.

shewhowines Sun 05-Jan-14 10:37:59

i'd ring and check with the ward. Just to be sure.

I'm probably unusual but i didn't have any bleeding at all. My wounds didn't leak, but again I didn't get an infection either, which seems to be the more unusual. An infection seems to be the norm around here, don't worry but do get everything checked out.

SantasPelvicFloor Sun 05-Jan-14 11:41:46

I'd ring and check with the ward as well Ledkr

Have your got dressings? I left my dressings on for a couple of days and they were bloody but not sodden. I have never had anything more than a light period loss.

Ledkr Sun 05-Jan-14 11:59:30

Bloody ward were useless. Ring back if any worse! How much worse then?
Dh and I were just having a general moan about it all, take out your organs then wheel you into a cold rainy car park a few hours later and send you home without so much as follow up.
I had to ask repeatedly about hrt until was finally told I'd be referred to "the menopause clinic" by a junior dr who wrote this down on a piece of scrap paper.
Because I've had breast cancer my hrt needs to be well managed and not I feel by the gp.
I'd have thought it would have been all set up as part of the process.
I'm going to get on to it tomorrow.
Dd2 woke up at 3am and has been up since.
Poor dh
, his grandad died yesterday and he's not even had time to think straight with all this.
Ds and dil are taking dd2 later for a few hours so he can have a rest.

Kevinsbowel Sun 05-Jan-14 12:44:22

Hmmm. Sounds a lot to me. I'd go in and have someone see you if possible.

That does sound crap care. I was in hospital two full days after the OP, saw the surgeon twice, and fixed up the HRT with her before the OP, and rerviewed it at my four week check.

Ledkr Sun 05-Jan-14 12:50:35

I think so too.
I was nowhere near menopause.
I've had chemo
I had five years tamoxifen
I had parathyroid condition
My nan had early onset osteo.
All put me high risk of bone thinning.
I shall be on one tomorrow if I'm still here.
My wound had bled through two dressings my pjs and my quilt!

Twinkletights Sun 05-Jan-14 12:55:57

Ledkr that is shocking for you. I would phone the ward back again this afternoon x

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