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Am I going to lose my teeth?

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AllFurCoat Sun 08-Dec-13 15:01:08

I've been having various health problems for the last month and now my teeth have started wobbling and I'm so scared I'm going to lose them! I got a bad cold/sinus type thing a month ago and my teeth started feeling loose - like when you have braces, but weren't actually loose. When the sinus pain cleared, so did the loose teeth feeling. Last week I got another cold and my bottom teeth started feeling loose and sore and one started wobbling! That cleared up, but then it seemed to work it's way round my mouth, on Friday my top right teeth started feeling loose and one is now wobbling and now the left ones have started. WTF?!

I do have receding gums and a couple of bad cavities, but it all seems to have kicked off in the last month. My gums feel really tender. Another thing is my jaw's a bit dodgy and clicky, I often can't close my teeth properly cos my jaw just won't do it and when it does it's uncomfortable.

I've always been a bit crap with my teeth, but in the last few months I've started making sure I brush at least twice a day, flossing, mouthwash etc, but it seems to have got worse since then! I've got a massive dentist phobia, but have booked in to see them this week. I'm so, so scared that I'm going to lose my teeth! I'd assumed the loose feeling was down to my sinuses being blocked, but I'm all worried now they're actually wobbling! Can anyone help?!

lizzypuffs Wed 11-Dec-13 13:10:33

Phew! Im pleased that you are ok.

If you keep getting the sore jaw then definitely get a mouth guard, just in case.

Definitely try to quit smoking - hard I know but you will feel so much better for it! The local smoking cessation service will be able to support you. Good luck.

SwimmingMom Wed 11-Dec-13 12:00:15

Great news! Such a relief. Now you just got to maintain what you have & hope you never go down the paths we have. Good luck!

AllFurCoat Wed 11-Dec-13 11:09:32

Well don't I feel a massive dick blush there's absolutely nothing wrong with my teeth! He said the loose feeling won't have actually been them being loose, but that my sinuses have changed my perceptions. He took X-rays to check my back teeth cos they're on funny angles and showed me my sinuses on the x ray! But there's no decay, no mention of gum disease or anything and he said everything looked really good! I'm actually in shock!

I asked about the jaw pain and he said it's most likely because I've had a lot of teeth out (bad overcrowding and impacted wisdom teeth) and if it gets really bad they can make me a gum shield, but to see how I go for now!

I'm properly shocked! I'd built everything up really badly in my head cos I'm so phobic, but there was no need really! Thank you so much everyone for advice and everything! And yes, I'm going to see the doctor about quitting smoking!

AllFurCoat Wed 11-Dec-13 10:06:48

I suppose if you're closely monitored not too much can go wrong, or if it does it'll be sorted quickly! Just about to set off, strangely not feeling as anxious as I usually do, at least there's been no throwing up yet!

Madlizzy Tue 10-Dec-13 22:51:27

and that should have been a wink up there, not a win!

Madlizzy Tue 10-Dec-13 22:50:48

I have too, and I was closely monitored but was fine with it.

AllFurCoat Tue 10-Dec-13 22:11:05

I'm wary of champix cos I've got a history of depression, but I'm at the stage where I'd probably give anything a go! This thread's actually been so, so useful to me thanks everyone! I've just been sitting giving myself a pep talk in front of the mirror about how I'm a strong woman and can do this and about how my babies need me to be healthy! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Madlizzy Tue 10-Dec-13 21:05:57

A bit yes to Champix. It's nearly 4 years since I quit using Champix, and I had smoked for 26 years, 20 a day. These tablets made it absolutely piss easy and I don't ever have the urge now. I loathe and detest the smell. Do this for yourself before your mouth looks like someone's off Jeremy Kyle [win]

NoArmaniNoPunani Tue 10-Dec-13 20:21:22

Have you considered champix? A few of my patients have used them with good results

AllFurCoat Tue 10-Dec-13 20:19:55

I know, I know sad I've tried to quit so many times and every time somethings come up and I've started again. I do know I need to give it a proper go though again - I've had a big wake up call from mrsmorton and noarmani and a big boot up the arse! Going to get the ecig back out.

Last time I spoke to the GP, I just got handed a leaflet. If I struggle with the ecig I'll go back and see if I can see someone a little more helpful! Thanks everyone!

NoArmaniNoPunani Tue 10-Dec-13 19:39:52

Was just about to post but see mrs Morton has got there first. What she said.

Once you've seen people so deformed by oral cancer they've had half their jaw cut away you wouldn't want to smoke again.

Mrsmorton Tue 10-Dec-13 19:18:35

Neither RPE or BOST have a huge evidence base if any at all so I think practitioners will be fairly scarce.

OP if you could stop smoking for pregnancy, surely you can do it for your DCs if nothing else. You might know that people who smoke have an 8 x higher risk of developing oral cancer than those who don't. Those who drink also have an 8x higher risk. Those who smoke AND drink have a 35x higher risk... Just saying. I'm sure you know all his already.

In any case, having gum treatment while you smoke is like pissing in the wind so if you're serious about your gums, don't waste your time getting treatment if you don't stop smoking. Six cigarettes a day is the level where it starts to impact on every body system according to our smoking cessation advisor.

lizzypuffs Tue 10-Dec-13 18:56:48

Hi Fur

This sounds like teeth grinding and clenching. The clicky jaw, sore face and teeth not closing properly are classic symptoms. Tight facial muscles can cause the sinus and cold symptoms. Definitely go to the dentist. It's easily solvable and with a mouth guard and the right treatment you will soon be much better.

The proper name for this is TMJ disfunction. I hope your appointment goes well.

FarFromTheMaddingCrowd Tue 10-Dec-13 18:42:49

SwimmingMom - Periostat is low dose doxycycline (20mg) which is an antibiotic. At this low level it stops the enzymes that destroy the gum fibres from being released so aids with the healing process. Another way of putting it would be that it re-sets the inflammatory response. I had to take it 2 weeks before the procedure (it limits bleeding) and will take it for 6 months afterwards. It is standard practice here to take it after SRP treatment. I believe it is available privately from dentists in the UK.

I wasn't aware that the exact same procedure (RPE) was carried out in the UK - Judy has never been to the UK to train anyone in exactly what she offers. The closest that I've read about is BOST, but none of the information I could find explained exactly what the procedure with BOST was and I could not see any reference to the use of an endoscope either. If I'm wrong about this, please let me know! Also, my cost was considerably less than the £5000 that I've seen quoted (although this may be incorrect).

I also had the bacteria test carried out and had only 2 high levels of pathogens so am taking a different antibiotic for this. My genetic test was also positive.

Good to hear that it's all going well with you and hope it continues. smile

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 18:36:10

Have you asked your GP for support- aren't there NHS stop smoking clinics or something?
Or hypnotherapy perhaps?

KittiKat Tue 10-Dec-13 17:42:10

AllFurCoat, I too was a smoker until very recently. To be honest the thought of having no teeth has finally given me the willpower to stop.

I have spent an AWFUL lot of money on my teeth and because I was still smoking, my gums were still receding and I had to get to the stage where my dentist told me that unless I stopped smoking, all the work on my teeth would have been a total waste of money.

It has taken me two years to finally give up smoking. I hope I have not left it too late.

AllFurCoat Tue 10-Dec-13 17:33:43

I know sad I've tried all sorts to quit, but I find it so hard! Only thing that worked was getting pregnant - not sure I want to do that again quite yet though wink

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 17:11:00

It's the ciggies, love- they ruin everything including teeth.

AllFurCoat Tue 10-Dec-13 16:38:52

I think I'd be sick if I tried to keep anything in my mouth for 20 mins hmm

Yes I'm a smoker, been trying to quit for far too long! My gums and teeth are feeling a whole load better now, although one of my top molars is now playing up and the gum seems a bit swollen and is making my nose kind of tingle! So I wouldn't be surprised if I've got an abscess! Strangely looking forward to seeing the dentist tomorrow as I can't wait to get it all sorted! Only problem is it looks like I'm going to miss the end of the kids' nativity, but needs must!

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 12:17:09

shockHow on earth are you supposed to keep oil in your mouth for 20 minutes?
TBH I suspect that swishing anything around your mouth for 20 minutes would help loosen the plaque and food deposits.
It's those and the bacteria that adhere to them that causes gum inflammation.

AmIDoingThisRight Tue 10-Dec-13 09:23:19

Cayenne pepper can sting a little the first time - just to warn you! Oil pulling is when you take a tablespoon of oil (I use sesame) and slosh it around your mouth for 20 minutes on an empty stomach. Don't swallow! After you spit out and rinse with water, then clean your teeth. It works for me! Have a look on Google to see all about it.

Good luck!

OryxCrake Tue 10-Dec-13 09:22:44

How scary for you. Hope that your dental appointment goes well and that all is sorted very quickly.

I just wanted to chip in about oil pulling. I have terrible teeth and gums (hereditary) and have to work very hard to keep my mouth healthy: a twice-daily routine of brushing, flossing, interdental brushes and mouthwash. Plus, I'm careful about avoiding sugary foods and drinks.

I have found oil pulling very helpful but do it in addition to these things. I've not come across anyone who uses it as a substitute for flossing.

It doesn't take a great chunk out of my day as I do it while I'm showering each morning. I think it's improved my gums over several months. Harmless, cheap, and worth a try...

Madlizzy Tue 10-Dec-13 08:57:48

are you a smoker? if so, that can cause receding gums and loose teeth.

SwimmingMom Tue 10-Dec-13 08:40:23

FarFrom - what is the purpose of periostat & how long do you have to take it?

If it offers you any solace, I was treated the identical way as you mention 18+ months ago in London, and so far the recovery has been steady. I have been told that if I keep up my daily hygiene practices I should be perfectly ok with no relapses. So your treatment has ever reason to be equally successful.

Infact my teeth moved quite a bit & even that has now been re-aligned (with braces hmm).

Lesson learned - NEVER ignore any unusual symptoms even for a short while.

AllFurCoat Tue 10-Dec-13 07:50:19

Oil pulling sounds rather, erm, weird!

FarFrom I'll have a look at that link later when I'm a little more awake!

I was doing some googling last night and my gums actually look very similar to pictures of anaemic gums I've seen. Which is interesting because I was at the GP yesterday and am having bloods done today to check my iron and b12 levels! I need taking to the knackers yard!

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