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Am I going to lose my teeth?

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AllFurCoat Sun 08-Dec-13 15:01:08

I've been having various health problems for the last month and now my teeth have started wobbling and I'm so scared I'm going to lose them! I got a bad cold/sinus type thing a month ago and my teeth started feeling loose - like when you have braces, but weren't actually loose. When the sinus pain cleared, so did the loose teeth feeling. Last week I got another cold and my bottom teeth started feeling loose and sore and one started wobbling! That cleared up, but then it seemed to work it's way round my mouth, on Friday my top right teeth started feeling loose and one is now wobbling and now the left ones have started. WTF?!

I do have receding gums and a couple of bad cavities, but it all seems to have kicked off in the last month. My gums feel really tender. Another thing is my jaw's a bit dodgy and clicky, I often can't close my teeth properly cos my jaw just won't do it and when it does it's uncomfortable.

I've always been a bit crap with my teeth, but in the last few months I've started making sure I brush at least twice a day, flossing, mouthwash etc, but it seems to have got worse since then! I've got a massive dentist phobia, but have booked in to see them this week. I'm so, so scared that I'm going to lose my teeth! I'd assumed the loose feeling was down to my sinuses being blocked, but I'm all worried now they're actually wobbling! Can anyone help?!

AllFurCoat Wed 11-Dec-13 11:09:32

Well don't I feel a massive dick blush there's absolutely nothing wrong with my teeth! He said the loose feeling won't have actually been them being loose, but that my sinuses have changed my perceptions. He took X-rays to check my back teeth cos they're on funny angles and showed me my sinuses on the x ray! But there's no decay, no mention of gum disease or anything and he said everything looked really good! I'm actually in shock!

I asked about the jaw pain and he said it's most likely because I've had a lot of teeth out (bad overcrowding and impacted wisdom teeth) and if it gets really bad they can make me a gum shield, but to see how I go for now!

I'm properly shocked! I'd built everything up really badly in my head cos I'm so phobic, but there was no need really! Thank you so much everyone for advice and everything! And yes, I'm going to see the doctor about quitting smoking!

SwimmingMom Wed 11-Dec-13 12:00:15

Great news! Such a relief. Now you just got to maintain what you have & hope you never go down the paths we have. Good luck!

lizzypuffs Wed 11-Dec-13 13:10:33

Phew! Im pleased that you are ok.

If you keep getting the sore jaw then definitely get a mouth guard, just in case.

Definitely try to quit smoking - hard I know but you will feel so much better for it! The local smoking cessation service will be able to support you. Good luck.

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