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Can I talk to you about periods and PCOS? It's quite graphic.

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TheGreatWizardQuiQuaeQuod Fri 29-Nov-13 09:54:56

and get some opinions?

I've got pcos, so never really had a regular cycle. I can go months and sometimes a year or more without a period. I can get heavy periods or light spotting. The number of days can be anything from a few hours to a week. I mean, there never has been any sort of pattern at all! Amazed I got pregnant twice tbh grin and had to have scans both times because I couldn't help them out with the date of last period thing.

but this, this is different. I've had three periods really close together - four or five weeks apart - and they have been so heavy that I have to use a towel - I don't mean a sanitary towel, I mean an actual towel! packed into my pants. And sit on another towel. And i am not kidding.

I did see my doctor the other day, who seemed to feel that it really wasn't a big deal. All part of it. And system having a good clear out hmm except that's not my understanding of it at all! As far as I know, it's not that your womb builds up a year's worth of ruddy lining. hmm

So here I am, hand towel in my pants, feeling like I am weeing, with a doctor who says to come back if it carries on happening (in future periods)

I've googled 'flooding' and it could be onset of menopause? but I am only 39!

Thoughts welcome! grin have you been through it? Could it be pcos going through menopause or something? Or should I go back to the gp and wave my towel around? grin

NoseWiperExtraordinaire Fri 29-Nov-13 10:21:23

Yes I would keep hassling the Dr or see a different one. You have had heavy bleeding consistently for the last 3 months and you should definately be having your PCOS checked regularly as far as diabetes and blood pressure etc are concerned. Did you have your bloods taken? That might be the next step. How are your energy levels? You may become anaemic too - I did. I lost a lot of blood during flooding over about 3 months, my GP did bloods and scan etc straight away and booked me in for a merina when I'd got the all clear for everything else. But I do have family history of large cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and ovarian cancer, so risk is fairly high of something more serious for me.

It might be related to the PCOS - some cysts can grow quite large and cause heavier bleeding, or it might just be your cycle changing and something like the mirena coil may be helpful.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 29-Nov-13 10:27:53

No it's not normal. Wombs don't have big clear outs, it's a womb not a warehouse hmm

See a different gp ASAP, you shouldn't be bleeding that heavily.

Beastofburden Fri 29-Nov-13 10:28:57

Check you don't have fibroids. And get checked for anaemia.

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 29-Nov-13 10:31:19

Not normal (PCOS sufferer here). Definitely seek a second opinion. A lady I look after had flooding like that and the doctors have been investigating thoroughly. In her case it seems to have been pre-menopausal, it could be in your case, but it could be something else and I wouldn't just sit back and accept what your GP says as gospel.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 29-Nov-13 10:31:50

I would see a different GP with a view to getting a referral to a gynae. Such changes should always be reported, do not allow yourself to be fobbed off.

Something is causing this heavy bleeding and it is certainly in your interests to find out what it is. Fibroids for instance can cause heavy bleeding and flooding to arise.

The cystic follicles associated with PCOS do disappear only to be replaced by further cystic follicles. I do not think that PCOS is the root cause of this current bleeding at all.

TheGreatWizardQuiQuaeQuod Fri 29-Nov-13 10:36:00

I am anaemic. I have to have 12 weekly b12 jabs for life. I also have low folic acid levels and have to take that too. I have my blood taken on a regular basis, last time was a couple of months ago. I'm not diabetic and the doctor was, as always, deeply disappointed that my blood pressure was ok (I'm fat and they seem to want you to have high blood pressure so they can yell at you wink )

TheGreatWizardQuiQuaeQuod Fri 29-Nov-13 10:37:43

oh, several more posts, sorry. Yes, I agree, it's not right, it's just when my doctor acts like it's no big deal and I have to accept it, I just find myself meekly nodding and apologising for having troubled them! grin

PoshPenny Fri 29-Nov-13 18:22:58

You need to go back to your GP and get them to listen, is there another doctor you could see? I get cross at some of the rubbish my practice have said to me under "medical advice" over the years, but that is really shocking.

SpottyDottie Fri 29-Nov-13 22:04:52

Don't accept it, op! It's to normal to have to resort to hand towel! Speak to another GP

MacaYoniandCheese Fri 29-Nov-13 22:09:09

See a different GP (or get a referral to an ob/gyn) and get them to RULE OUT fibroids, endo and menopause. Have you ever been on the pill?

pelf Sat 30-Nov-13 03:13:19

I suffer form PCOS and have experienced something similar eg flooding for 1-2 days 4 periods in a row. My gyno took it very seriously citing it as a quality of life issue and suspected that I may have polyps, harmless growths in the womb.
The problem went away by itself. but I did experience tjsi 1-2 times more and when I looked back I could clearly connect with my diet. Not following PCOS low-carb, no sugar guidelines for the preceding month meant a delay in bleeding even though I could feel the period was on its way/ pain and severe flooding resulting in not leaving the toilet seat for a couple of hours.

goodasitgets Sat 30-Nov-13 03:23:35

This is probably sexist but can you see a female GP?
I stopped getting fobbed off when I saw a female one, explained I used a mooncup and that I knew exactly how much I was losing and 100ml plus a day wasn't normal. I had told the previous doctor I was frightened I was becoming anaemic. Apparently I couldn't be as you would have to lose a massive amount for that hmm
I got listened to, sent for bloods and (surprise) was massively anaemic. Take iron tablets 3 x a day and feel human again!

shootingstar1234 Mon 02-Dec-13 21:46:58

I had this at 16 (I also have PCOS). Can still remember the shame of having to explain why I was unable to sit my final GCSE exam. Ask your Doctor about Tranexamic Acid tablets- they were my life saver until I went on the Pill and have never had a problem since. Hope you get it sorted soon smile

PacificDogwood Mon 02-Dec-13 21:50:29

No, it's not normal, with or without PCOS.

Periods can get a lot heavier in your 30s and 40s.
And after having had children.
And when overweight (sorry, not yelling, just sayin' wink).

Or for all sorts of other reasons:
Hormonal, fibroids, nasty stuff going on.

I'd ask to some treatment to stop the flooding just now (have you been offered Mefenamic acid = Ponstan? or similar - or something hormonal) and routine referral to gyn to be checked out.

Hope it settles soon.

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