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Anti Kell

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juniper68 Thu 26-Feb-04 21:38:12

Does anyone know if this can affect a baby born with it?

gingernut Thu 26-Feb-04 22:45:42

Is this any help?

mears Thu 26-Feb-04 22:47:34

Anti-Kell can cause a baby to become jaundiced. During pregnancy the levels of anti Kell antibodies will be monitored in the mothers blood as it can cause problems with the baby's blood cells. After delivery, the anti Kell antibodies circulate in the baby's system for a while and can cause anaemia. Usually the baby is monitored till approx 3 months of age when they will have gone. After that there are no problems for the baby at all.

nutcracker Thu 26-Feb-04 23:04:55

I could of done with a link like that when i was pregnant with ds. I had anti-c antibodies, which cause the same problems as anti-kell (according to that site). My anti-c was first picked up after my first blood test, but the levels were of no significance. At about 28 weeks the levels were about 5 and i was transferred to a bigger specialist hospital. I had fortnightly blood tests and scans, but luckily the level didn't rise any further. My ds was delivered at 37 weeks and was jaundiced. He was on a billy bed for a week and then had blood tests every week. His jaundice cleared up after about 3/4 weeks but then he became anemiac, and narrowly escaped a blood transfusion. I had him at the beginning of december and it was the end of february before he was given the all clear. He's now a healthy happy 14mth old.
There really should be more info on this, as i was terribly worried when i was pregnant and would also like to know if it would be possible for me to have any more kids or not.

mears Thu 26-Feb-04 23:19:49

Yes you can nutcracker

nutcracker Thu 26-Feb-04 23:22:29

Thankyou Mears. Would it be very dangerous though, do you know ???. After i had ds the doctor said I shouldn't have any more. I've had 3 sections too though, so maybe thats what he meant.

mears Fri 27-Feb-04 00:02:05

Probably more to do with the C/S x3 but as you know from other threads, it can be done. There is a risk of baby needing exchange transfusion after birth. Remember I had antibodies with babe no3. He needed transfusion at 6 weeks old. Babe no4 had 3 exchange transfusions after birth.
Depends what the level is and how high it goes which cannot be predicted. Sounds as though your level was not too high but could be higher in next pregnancy. I decided not to have any more after dd needed 3 exchange transfusions. I could have had another baby but it might have needed transfusions in the womb prior to birth so I didn't want to risk that. I had always wanted 4 children anyway. The antibodies appeared in my second pregnancy so it was after another 2 babies I decided not to have any more.

juniper68 Fri 27-Feb-04 01:12:36

Thanks for the link gingernut and the other info from everyone xx
It was for a friend who wasn't told much about it when her baby was born.

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