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*Tamoxigang Christmas Party* - 45

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Tiny100 Thu 28-Nov-13 10:58:10

Morning All!

We're nearly in December, so let's get the festivities started.

[adds mince pies to the trolley]

trice Thu 28-Nov-13 21:48:12

Hello Wren, sorry to hear your news. I hope you get a plan in place soon.

Marshy Thu 28-Nov-13 21:55:59

Hi all,
Just saying hello on the new thread. Sorry to see new faces, but a warm welcome to a place where you will find lots of support.

Hope everyone else is going along ok. I've had one or two wobbles over the last week, mainly towards the end of the day when I've been feeling very tired and have inspected my new boob one two many times and have convinced myself that it definitely looks a different shape to how it looked that morning, and that must mean something's wrong!

Oh, I am so fed up with myself! Just get a grip woman! I may just see BCN so she can tell me it's fine and then I can stop worrying for a bit maybe

On the upside, I saw my rheumatologist this morning and can restart on the meds that keep my joints mobile as had to come off it pre-surgery, and there was a ? over whether I could go back on it as it's not recommended where there has been a cancer diagnosis, but given my DCIS outcome, we've decided to go for it.

Also DD is coming home from uni for the night tomorrow. I would like to think she's coming to see us, but it's mainly to meet the new kitten, who has become a complete sweetie since she figured out how to use the litter tray

And I've decided to learn how to play the cornet. I used to play the clarinet but had to give up owing to arthritic fingers, but there's only 3 things to press on the cornet so thought I'd stop thinking about it and actually do it. I've borrowed an instrument from our local brass band - it's beautiful and sitting on my kitchen table as I type - and the nice lady flugelhorn player is coming over to give me some pointers before I find a teacher. Better warn the neighbours!

Am feeling a bit warm every night and wondering if it's the tamoxifen or just being 50+.

Off to do a bit of practice raspberry blowing....

jchocchip Thu 28-Nov-13 22:57:01

Ooo I started to learn the cornet at school - was never very good but enjoyed playing in the school band. Played a bit of flute when I was off work, but never seem to have time these days.

Hello Wren. Sorry to hear your news, good idea to keep the children one step behind.

Went for a swim earlier and now I've stayed up too late, oops.

foofooyeah Thu 28-Nov-13 23:41:53

trice what is an afghan? I have an image of the afghan coat of my youth but assume it s quite different.

I wish I was musical ... Perhaps we should have the tamoxifen orchestra .... I could play the triangle.

Not too early for Christmas lights. I put my tree up today blush but t isn't decorated yet.

kitkat1967 Fri 29-Nov-13 07:25:03

marshy - I played the cornet at school -up to grade 8 and was the principal in the school band blush. I recently bought myself a cornet as was fed up of the kids having loads of instruments but not played it since I got it.
EBay is your friend if you need to buy own as so many kids give up very quickly.
But I'd be able to contribute to the orchestra and both DCs play 3 instruments each so between us we can provide a rather random selection!!!

I'm thinking of doing some present wrapping today (expecting lose of feeling in fingers to kick back in tomorrow) but have a fair amount of work to get through first - plus have shuffled back to bed for now.

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 07:54:20

Oh wow kitkat, that's amazing! Are you going to start playing again? I try to live my life as if I don't have arthritis but it was a sadness for me that it stopped me playing the clarinet. I was working towards grade 5 as an adult. I joined a choir after that and have been singing alto for a long time which I've really enjoyed but just missed playing an instrument so decided to go for it. Why wait? The band secretary has been so helpful. I sound like a foghorn at the moment!
So it's the tamoxigang band or maybe choir. We have cornet, flute and triangle so far, plus mini kitkats and I'll hum a little alto tune in the background smile

Lilymaid Fri 29-Nov-13 08:03:12

Marshy I'll join you in the Altos in the choir.
I've had a busy week and managed to get to some work related networking drinks last night rather than rushing home to snooze the evening away on the sofa!
Welcome to Au and Wren. I hope the thread is helpful for you.

trice Fri 29-Nov-13 08:08:40

I got to grade 4 on the bassoon and can raise a tune on a clarinet. Ds has been playing the French horn since September and is sounding quite tuneful compared to his first lesson. Next door all play the bagpipes. They are quite accomplished but three bagpipes going full tilt sounds like a marching band!

Malt, this Afghan is a sofa blanket. Not exciting really but warm and snuggly. In deference to dsis taste it is all in natural undyed sheep and not brights which I usually favour. It has taken about 100 hours so far. I can guarantee that some non knitter will casually exclaim "can you make me one? " to which the answer is "it will £800 on minimum wage thank you".

Marshy, you need a distraction to stop your poor brain searching for danger. I play games on my phone. It is like having a fractious toddler in my head who needs distracting with a biscuit to calm down. Stupid brain. The cornet is a good idea but could cause a bit of consternation if you practice late at night!

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 08:18:12

that's good lily, I wouldn't want to be singing on my own!

We could do a turn at the Christmas party!

We also need tea and biscuits for break time at rehearsals, and maybe a trip to the pub after grin

Get buffing your instruments everyone!

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my first ocado delivery later this morning. It took me hours to do online yesterday afternoon so had better be worth it.

And off to see gp later for a general review. Might show her my boob!

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 08:25:36

trice you are spot on re toddler in my head, it is very tiring, as toddlers tend to be

Your dh gives me hope that I might sound better soon! Bagpipes sound fab. Hope they are considerate neighbours. I will try to be. Do you still play at all?

Gonna get up and dressed now as gp in an hour

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 08:32:18

Just had a text from ocado. What the hell is raspberry van? Guess I'll find out so.e time between 11 and 12! Seems all very efficient.

Wren48 Fri 29-Nov-13 11:25:10

I love Ocado and intend to use it more than ever now. Mind you, did do a very random shop at 2am (couldn't sleep) night before last, missing most things we needed. But still better than DH who recently ordered 8kg carrots and 12 packs of Jaffa cakes. Children were very happy.

BetsyBoop Fri 29-Nov-13 11:34:53

Ooh we are a musical bunch. I used to play violin at school (up to grade 5) but haven't really played much since. I also sing in a choir - soprano though - I'm hoping to go back to that in the New Year. (Paused for a while once I started chemo).

Marshy Ocado is fab smile I used them for a while now. Once you've done a few shops it gets really quick as they "learn" your shopping habits and can suggest a trolley full for you and you can just skip through taking out what you don't want. They also prompt you with a "have you run out of X?" list - it's amazing how many times I'm running low on what they suggest! Their fruit and veg is really fresh too.

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 11:40:16

Ocado delivery arrived, all present and correct. I'm impressed, will use them again.

Gp had a good look at my boob and said it is lovely, so will stop worrying for a bit.

Hope you are ok wren and au The early days of this process are tough with all the anxiety about not knowing what's in store. Hang in there and it will get better.

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 11:47:47

Betsy - x post with you! Nice to meet another choir member. I had a few weeks off post surgery, but went back last week and will be singing all the Christmas stuff and trying not to cry at the lovely carols.

Have you got a Christmas delivery slot booked Betsy? Just wondering if it's worth signing up for this delivery charge thing so I can get one

malteserzz Fri 29-Nov-13 11:52:06

Morning all
Think I will be the one playing the triangle at the back in our band !
I used sainsburys delivery a couple of weeks ago and they were very good.

BetsyBoop Fri 29-Nov-13 11:52:11

That's the other good thing about Ocado, they rarely have many subs (I've used weekly for over 3 years now and probably get 1 or 2 subs a month, whereas with Tesco that I had used previosuly I would get about 10 every order...) The drivers are all lovely and helpful too. smile I booked my Xmas delivery slot way back in Oct when they first came out for delivery pass customers! Can you check online if there are any left (not sure if it will let you see them IYKWIM)

Patti888 Fri 29-Nov-13 12:11:14

Hi, my name is patti. I have larygeal cancer.
Diagnosed last January & completed gruelling chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy treatment for 9 months. I was given a 3% chance of survival longer than 5yrs but odds slightly better now.
A recurrence mean surgery, removal of voice box & permanent tracheostomy (breathing hole in neck)
Just had first clear PET scan �� need another 5 years of clear scans before I'm 'cured'.
I have five children, four grown up ones & an adopted 3 yr old, who we have fostered since birth & adopted when we were given 'first choice' at six months old.
Since my diagnosis at the beginning of the year I've felt so guilty for adopting our little lad. I can't get it out of my head that he may loose two mothers, his birth mum & me.
My husband has been wonderful. He stopped work to look after DS & me during treatment & I know if the worst happens & I don't make it he will manage bringing up DS.
Guess I need support ladies please

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 12:14:30

When I looked yesterday all of Christmas week was greyed out. Will look again later and maybe sign up for the delivery thing - perhaps I can just get in as I guess all the ordinary slots will be snapped up really quickly.

Haven't tried Sainsbury malt. Will maybe give them a go. Triangle is good, or you could maybe just go for it and do a great big crash on the cymbals!

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 12:22:48

hi Patti, crossed post with you.

Justvwanted to say hello and welcome. Sounds like you have had a very tough time of it.

My situation doesn't compare to yours but I did feel bad for somehow letting my children down by being I'll. As my gp said to me 'you didn't ask for this - go easy on yourself'

It sounds as if your little lad is surrounded by love. Heartfelt good wishes to you x

Wren48 Fri 29-Nov-13 12:32:54

Hi Patti, welcome and hugs to you. it sounds as though things have been really tough, but so good to hear of the clear PET scan.

I think so much of the misery of bad things happening transfers into our feelings of responsibility and anxiety round our kids. You're giving him love at such an important time in his life. That is simply a good thing.

Wren48 Fri 29-Nov-13 12:37:31

Oh and Ocado Christmas slots. Slots come available I think a week in advance (?). Anyway it's predictable (should be the same as how far in advance you can book now) I always write the date I think the slots will come up in the diary to remind me to get in there quick that morning. Seems to work. Mostly.

kitkat1967 Fri 29-Nov-13 15:45:30

afternoon all, and welcome Patti.

Well big news here smile - spoke to BCN and she said I would be OK to go on holiday in April so have booked to go to Tunisia for a week - no hanging about once I got the nod. And at the same time she booked me in for my pre-op assessment in jan (so not too much sugar or lard for me over xmas then!!).
Am on a roll so looking for a summer holiday now!!

I'm feeling OK today but can feel the SEs coming on - still last time now and by Monday I know I'll be on the up.

I can't sing so it's band only for me wink.

malteserzz Fri 29-Nov-13 16:18:49

That's great kitkat and will give you something to look forward to smile
Been feeling down today as it's the church advent service and decorations day at school which is always a lovely day and I'm missing it sad
Been quiet on here today hopefully everyone is out Christmas shopping ! I'm taking dd over the weekend to get her a few bits for Christmas as there's nothing big she wants, ds is having an x box so he's easy.

Marshy Fri 29-Nov-13 16:58:45

Kitkat, that's great news re your holiday and that it's all on course for your op in Jan. I'm seeing surgeon in March to plan the other side, but new boob on MX side is looking good when I'm not fretting about it. Maybe I'll have a matching pair by the summer!

Malt, sorry you're feeling down. It must be hard missing the festivities. Do you plan to go in at all before the end of term?

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