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Hand holding required - chest x-ray results

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rednellie Thu 14-Nov-13 18:53:15

I know none of you can really do or say anything, but I need to get this out of my head onto a page.

Have had a cough for ages, eventually has developed into a 'chest infection'. I go to the docs and get anti b's and also to talk about the fact I keep getting coughs. When we were in another country they started investigating asthma but never got anywhere as we moves back.

I broke down a little when she asked me if I smoked as I used to and am very paranoid about what I've done to my lungs. She sends me for an x-ray to reassure me. Week later, get call from doc. I need to go in tomorrow about the x-ray. She won't tell me what's up, told me not to worry but did say it was not normal.

So now I'm sitting here imaging I've got lung cancer at 33 or something else horrible and I don't know what to do. As I said, until I go tomorrow there isn't any point speculating but...I just feel so scared.

rednellie Thu 14-Nov-13 18:54:14

Why did I ever start smoking? Why didn't I stop earlier? Argh

ChestyNut Thu 14-Nov-13 19:39:22

<holds hand>

Try not to think about it until tomorrow (easier said than done)
Could you get into a book or film to distract you?

Good luck for tomorrow thanks

HandragsNGladbags Thu 14-Nov-13 19:43:19

My DF smoked 50 a day for 30 odd years.

Had a persistent cough, xray showed up something very suspicious and he had to have a biopsy.

Came back completely clear, just had some scarring from pleurisy when he was a kid.

It is incredibly unlikely you have lung cancer - but I would be worrying in exactly the same way.

Lots and lots of luck for tomorrow

PolyesterBride Thu 14-Nov-13 19:43:21

Definitely agree with distracting yourself (I would probably have a glass of wine or something and watch something really interesting on tv). There's no point 'borrowing trouble from tomorrow' (I know its cheesy but it's helped me wait for results!). There are also a million other things it coukd be rather than cancer. Good luck.

rednellie Thu 14-Nov-13 20:26:42

Thank you so much all of you. I like the borrowing from tomorrow quote. I've not heard that before and could use it for lots of other scenarios!

I've got wine, a chocolate brownie and master chef...sort of helping. Still feel a bit weepy.

mybeautifullife Thu 14-Nov-13 22:18:41

I think you are confusing your guilt and anxiety about smoking with your current health issue so it's making it harder for you to cope. Don't torture yourself.
33 is very young and you would be incredibly unlucky to get lung cancer at your age, smoker or not.
Hold onto that thought as well as remembering there are a zillion things that can be seen on a CXR
Tell us tomorrow what is on the report and we can helpsmile

rednellie Thu 14-Nov-13 22:26:54

Thank you. I will. I'm seeing the gp in the afternoon so I'll post then. It'll probably be nothing then you can all laugh at me for being an idiot. smile

BigPawsBrown Fri 15-Nov-13 00:51:23

Good luck OP

SlicedLemon Fri 15-Nov-13 02:03:04

It's horrible and scary when you get a call like that and most of us would worry to but most of the time these things turn out ok.

Good luck tomorrow smile

madwomanintheatt1c Fri 15-Nov-13 02:59:33

Another country?

madwomanintheatt1c Fri 15-Nov-13 03:02:29

(Lol, I know that's not helpful. But it's usually the first thing they check for in these parts)

A friend of mine was told he had COPD from smoking. Was sat down by the doc, had the whole talk.

A month later he was completely clear, and it was just a chest infection after all. <sigh>

Am sure it will be fine x

Pancakeflipper Fri 15-Nov-13 03:12:53

Will hold your hand. Hope all goes ok.

giraffesCantGoGuising Fri 15-Nov-13 06:11:35

fingers xd

rednellie Fri 15-Nov-13 06:48:37

Oh you're all so lovely. Except you madwoman wink. It was Canada so I'm pretty sure it won't be tb,but who knows.

I stopped smoking 4 years ago but have the occasional puff. If nothing else this has been a real wake up call. Will update later with the results.

ChestyNut Fri 15-Nov-13 17:31:00

How did it go red?

candycoatedwaterdrops Fri 15-Nov-13 18:21:48

Hope it was ok today. flowers

rednellie Fri 15-Nov-13 20:01:41

Hey, sorry, been putting the kids to bed.

Not entirely reassuring: the GP said there was a 'shadow' on the x-ray. Could be lots of different things, but they're sending me for a CT scan within the next two weeks. She said a malignancy would be low down on the list due to my age, but they can't rule anything out. They also noted that when I breath out my lungs don't totally empty which could be a sign of asthma or something else.

The GP is concerned that my cough hasn't gone since taking the anti b's she prescribed and that this has been such a long term and re-current problem. She was lovely though and let me have a bit of a weep, I'm just so tired at the moment I think hearing all that made it all come to the surface. I guess I'm not well, even if it's not a big scary illness, there's still something wrong and it needs sorting out.

Anyway, I feel a bit calmer, but still scared. But I can't do anything until I've had the CT scan so I will be studiously avoiding google and will update when I hear more...

It's been lovely being able to vent though. I didn't tell my DM last night as I didn't want her worrying all night before the appointment, so I told you lot instead! thanks

giraffesCantGoGuising Fri 15-Nov-13 20:35:23

I got diagnosed with asthma 3 years ago, never had it before.

I did have a mark on my lung - an opacity which was possibly a scar from some infection or something.

rednellie Fri 15-Nov-13 21:39:10

It sounds like it's actually quite common...

gobbin Sat 16-Nov-13 01:26:53

My mum had similar, long-standing cough (2 yrs in her car) already had asthma. She had a shadow and poor scores on lung function tests. Also an ex smoker. She was diagnosed with something called bronchiectasis, which means her tubes produce a lot of mucus. She's been given chest physio she can do on herself at home and needs antibiotics more often than most but it's not a problem. Here's hoping yours is something like this.

gobbin Sat 16-Nov-13 01:27:31

<in her case>

digerd Sat 16-Nov-13 07:14:01

My DB smoked 40 a day for 45 years and has a good lung function. An uncle smoked 60 a day and had the strength and energy of a young man.
I had a "lesion" show up on an x-ray which is indicative of a chest infection when I had the flu. After 6 weeks I was checked again and it had gone.
Highly unlikely you have lung cancer at your age.
An elderly lady I know is having a camera put down into her bronchial tubes to investigate her cough she has had for years as nothing showed up on her x-ray.
Good luck with the CT.

HandragsNGladbags Sat 16-Nov-13 09:38:39

My df's was a shadow but actually was scarring from a chest infection. Hope you are feeling a little happier.

rednellie Sat 16-Nov-13 11:03:15

I am. Just want to have the CT scan over and done with. I guess part of my paranoia is I know someone personally who got lung cancer in his 30's which is probably why I've been breaking out. Also the fact I've been feeling unwell for so long...ah well. I'll find out soon enough. In the meantime the weather is lovely so I'm taking the kids out. Thanks again everyone

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