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Have you got raynaud's?

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NaturalBaby Wed 13-Nov-13 21:30:09

I had a bad year last year due to being outdoors a lot more and my hands were a painful mess by December. They're just starting to really suffer now so am wondering what other's are doing to look after their hands.

I also get chilblains all over my fingers and very dry skin that cracks. My wedding rings aren't going to see the light of day till April at this rate!

NaturalBaby Wed 14-May-14 12:42:25

I got some gloves without the fingertips that are really good and have a pair of thin sports gloves that I use as a layer in colder weather, so good on their own at the moment.

merce Wed 14-May-14 12:38:08

Thin silk glove liners a good idea. Will have a look around. Agree - so cold inside today, but DH will be v. sniffy if I put the heating on….

Pandsbear Wed 14-May-14 11:38:18

The thin silk glove liners (mine are from Patra I think) are helpful as they are er...thin. I have two pairs of socks and my sheepskin slippers on today (in house - it's chilly inside).

kissmelittleass Wed 14-May-14 11:23:20

Hi I live by the beach and last weekend being nice here I did get some funny double looks with gloves on walking along a beach!!, but hey let them look! I got some lined gloves from sports direct to put inside my thermal gloves for the winter so at the moment I find the lined gloves are fine to be used on their own. The supermarkets I find really bad I feel so cold and after picking up a bag of frozen veg recently with no gloves on I did suffer chillblains and swollen fingers and omg the itch from the chillblains. Did any of you get tested to see if your raynauds was caused by primary or secondary? I asked my GP to do this and it came back primary. I was also referred to a rheumy because my fingers were so swollen she only saw me twice told me to take adalat 2 a day, I have low blood pressure so just took one a day every second day and last winter was the best in a few years although I wasn't outdoors as much I cut back on the walking as my hands were unbearablely painful up until late april last year. Anyone that ever touches my hand tells me how cold they are!

merce Wed 14-May-14 10:28:13

Thanks for that. I just ordered some from a Raynaud website. Sod the strange looks - rather that than icy hands!

fivecupsoftea Tue 13-May-14 14:12:55

I wear some gloves from a tennis shop, they are thin. I feel silly for putting the heating on today.

merce Tue 13-May-14 10:05:48

Cranking up an old thread here, but what does everyone do in spring/summer? I feel ridiculous wearing gloves, but if I don't my hands are white and in agony…. Can anyone recommend some lightweight/thin gloves that might do the job without looking too absurd???

NaturalBaby Mon 25-Nov-13 20:20:22

I don't like taking medication but my hands were in such a state last year that I am desperate to try something to prevent the months of agony I went through talkinpeace. I can't really manage very well with fingers that are stiff and painful, covered in open wounds from dry skin which is why I'm wondering how other people with the same condition manage.

I'm feeling a bit sick and run down at the moment but think it's because of an infection I've just had, so am thinking about getting a better multivitamin/mineral supplement.

LegoCaltrops Sun 24-Nov-13 07:56:16

For my hands in winter, I wear some thin gloves, eg magic gloves, them a pair of silk gloves over, then a pair of sheepskin mittens with the woolly fleecy bit still lining the inside. The silk mittens mean you can get your hands in, I tried without but knitted gloves won't go into the sheepskin mittens without the silk IYSWIM.

Feet - buy winter boots a size larger, & layer up your socks.

RalphGnu Sun 24-Nov-13 07:41:48

I have vasospasm too - the pain feels like someone is twisting my nipples with a pair of pliers. I've found that since I breastfed DS, I don't get it as badly.

I thought I was the only one!

Talkinpeace Sat 23-Nov-13 21:32:58

not me, but I'm a gym bunny who swims masses

OhYouBadBadKaleds Sat 23-Nov-13 17:52:08

It's my othèr conditions that make me feel tired and sick! grin

I don't think it's a normal symptom gormen but raynauds can be associated with other conditions.

gormenghast Sat 23-Nov-13 17:33:52

Do any of you also feel very tired and sick with Raynauds?

Talkinpeace Fri 22-Nov-13 16:31:53

you don't like taking medication but then name the very strong medication you are taking.
I'm confused.

NaturalBaby Fri 22-Nov-13 14:42:07

I don't like taking medication either generally so am trying nifedipine at night - I was taking it in the morning but the side effects are really bad till mid morning which doesn't help when your rushing kids to school or going out to exercise at the weekend.

It feels mad wearing fingerless gloves in my own home!

Talkinpeace Thu 21-Nov-13 17:46:33

I've never taken anything for it : do not like medication if its avoidable
thermal fingerless gloves are good, especially if only the tips are not there
but mainly you need to keep wrists and ankles warm from the experience of sufferers I've chatted to

OhYouBadBadKaleds Thu 21-Nov-13 15:02:32

unfortunately I'm not able to take nifedipine, which is a shame as it did help a little.

threestepsforward Thu 21-Nov-13 14:57:33

mammywelsh my GP did say there was a drug you could take to help, but she said thought the side effects would probably outweigh the benefits - wonder if it's the same thing?

Had to give up my classical guitar lessons last year sad Was a 3 mile cycle ride and in winter, by the time I got to his house, my hands couldn't do a thing!

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 21-Nov-13 13:11:43

I work in health care so it is a nightmare. I only wash my hands at work when grossly contaminated and every 6 th patient. The other 5 times is gel (WHO says only works 5 times then wash). I dry meticulously getting right down between my fingers, I never ever use iodine scrub and Liz Earle handcream is my best friend. Outside I wear fingerless gloves with examination gloves over the top.
My nose is the very worst bit though since my other conditions mean I have stopped making mucus so no more runny nose giving me a chapped tip.
Physiologically alcohol is the worst thing as yes initially you get vasodilation letting blood flow, but the reflex vasoconstriction, but get after the alcohol has gone will be worse making the Reynauds worse. I rarely drink in the winter as the next days reflex vasoconstriction is so awful my fingers were barely working which when you do surgery is not goodangry. So only alcohol if no surgery the next day.

NaturalBaby Thu 21-Nov-13 12:30:01

I think sainsburys has a TU sale on so will go looking. I'm on the verge of wearing gloves at home but need to wash my hands a lot with a little one at home.

I did look at Ginko the other week and thought about trying it.

Those heat therapy gloves look good.

mammywelsh1 Thu 21-Nov-13 10:47:26

Argh it's the baine if my can give u tablets (as long as ur not pregnant or nursing) but otherwise I'm afraid it's a case of hibernation during the winter xx

feetheart Thu 21-Nov-13 09:36:51

NaturalBaby - the Sainsburys soft touch long-sleeved t-shirts are really long in the arm and body this year - first t-shirt for ages that doesn't finish half-way up my gibbon-length arms smile And they wash well and they are only £8 - I currently have 3 but will be getting more if I find them.

A really attractive body warmer has made a lot of difference to keeping me warm and I'm just trying out these. Ugly as sin but they fit under my thick furry gloves however I am reserving judgement as the medium feels a bit too tight.

threestepsforward Wed 20-Nov-13 10:34:39

I was recommended Gincko (sp?) as a supplement, with the added benefit of making you more brainy apparently.

I bought a bottle but it didn't seem to make much difference (to feet, hands or brain), but maybe I didn't give it long enough. I dropped it as I couldn't really afford it.

My feet are my worst part for whiteness / chillblains etc., but my hands go an awful blue colour, I look like I'm dead!

Talkinpeace Mon 18-Nov-13 22:19:22

Have a look see if you can find anything here

NaturalBaby Mon 18-Nov-13 22:06:44

Ooo I got that thermal vest from sainsbury in their last clothing sale! Something that doesn't help is I'm really tall so it's difficult to get sleeves to cover my wrists or gloves to fit very long fingers without being massive.

I have Cetrabem cream now as last year as I had raw, split skin on pretty much every single joint across all my fingers and that healed it in a couple of days. I thought I had arthritis at first because of the red, swollen, stiff joints.

It was only last year that it's become such a big issue, I've got through my 20's without it being a problem but last year was unbearable because I was outdoors so much.

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