baby boy's penis

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porolli Sat 08-Jul-06 14:03:22

I feel v shallow, but my nearly 6 month old son has a tiny penis! I think, on researching, that he may have a partially 'buried' or 'hidden' penis. when I push down at the top of it, some more 'pops' out and it looks more 'normal'. I have a 5 year old ds and it looks nothing like his did at this age. does anyone have any experience of this? is it likely to come out of the body more with age? i will ask the HV at his 8 month check and I don't want to make a fuss about it or appear overly obsessed about penis size! I suppose I'm just anticipating him feeling embarrassed about it and wondering how I'm going to handle that or if there's anything I can or should do about it. His brother and sister already chant 'he's got a tiny willy' at bathtime!!

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fisil Sat 08-Jul-06 14:06:36

I have this too. Oddly, my biggest worry was that when friends saw ds1's tiny penis (e.g. when I was changing him) they might think he'd inherited it off dp!

Ds2 has a much more normal sized one. I do worry about it, but have never asked a health professional, as I assume it is me being an over anxious mummy. I have recently been worrying about something I heard that "most hermaphrodites (sp?) are mistaken for being girls" which implies that some are thought of as boys - and I look at ds1's bits and wonder if actually it isn't even a penis! I know how ridiculous that sounds!

porolli Tue 11-Jul-06 21:21:24

doesn't sound ridiculous.... how small is it? i haven't tried measuring my ds's as i fear that would tip me into lunatic mummy status. but i really am worried about it and quite embarrassed for him. eg don't want to change his nappy when anyone can see it and even defensive about his grandparents etc making comments. how old is your ds? surely it can't just be you and me?! or maybe it is....

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longwaytogo Tue 11-Jul-06 22:30:30

you both need to speak to your hv - they will have heard it and seen it all before and won't think you silly or over anxious.

Worriedmum0959 Mon 30-Mar-20 21:04:14

Hi @porolli and @fisil I know this thread is really old but I wondered what happened with your sons. I have a 15month old who’s penis appears so small unless you press down the fat around it. I feel so sad and worried for him sad. Did your sons look more ‘normal’ over time or did you seek medical advice?

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