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Creams to avoid scarring

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crystaltips Mon 23-Feb-04 17:35:26

My DD has had a couple of "mishaps" over the past 2 days. Hit in the face with a twig and grazed face ( brotherly love !! ) - all accidents I hasten to add.
The problem is that if I'm not careful these grazes could result in scarring. She's a pretty little soul and I want to limit the amount of scarring she has on her face ( 3 chickenpox scars already )

What creams / aromatherapy oils could I use to help the healing process please?

DD is aged 8

Thanks a lot

crystaltips Mon 23-Feb-04 19:23:03


suzywong Mon 23-Feb-04 19:39:36

Pure vitamin E oil
about £7 for 100mls at the chemist, very sticky but really does the job well. I used it on kids from early age (does the job on C section scars too)

Chinchilla Mon 23-Feb-04 19:55:54

I can second that too. My sis is using it for her stretch marks caused by being fat. She is losing weight now (1 stone and counting), and has been advised to use the Vit E oil to minimise the damage when she is slimmer.

Chinchilla Mon 23-Feb-04 19:56:47

Sorry, that sounded really harsh ('caused by being fat' I meant it in a matter of fact way, rather than a nasty way!

suzywong Mon 23-Feb-04 20:00:13

I thought it sounded very funny, but that's just my SOH

Chinchilla Mon 23-Feb-04 20:02:25

Karen99 Mon 23-Feb-04 20:52:24

I've used Bio-Oil on stretch marks etc. but I'm not sure if it can be used on children. My aunt got me a bottle from a small chemist about six months ago, but I saw it in Sainsbury's for the first time a couple of weeks ago. HTH.

emsiewill Sun 11-Apr-04 12:04:16

While on holiday last week, dd1 had an accident in the swimming pool, bit through her lip, and had to have 6 stitches. The stitches will be coming out in the next few days, and I want to minimize the scarring to her face - she was soooo brave (6 or 7 injections of local anaesthetic into the cut, and she could still feel some of the stitches), it seems cruel that she could be left with a substantial scar above her lip. So anyone got any further suggestions on how to minimize the scarring? Would the scar plasters (not sure if that's the correct technical term ) that I've seen in boots work in the facial area? I will ask the nurse when the stitches are taken out, but obviously, the mumsnet oracle must be consulted!

Thanks in advance

emsiewill Sun 11-Apr-04 13:51:39


prufrock Sun 11-Apr-04 14:23:39

Yes the scar plasters do work - but you need to get the proper ones from the doctor, not just the ones you can get OTC. (My FIL was involved in developing the first versions of these years ago and insisted on giving me some for my c-section scar, which is now invisible)

emsiewill Sun 11-Apr-04 18:05:21

anyone else?

emsiewill Wed 14-Apr-04 23:35:20

Well, dd had the stitches removed yesterday - and she was very brave. I asked the nurse for recommendations for scar healing, and she just said Vaseline. I was not pleased, as it seems I know more about the subject than her. So I will be taking dd to Boots tomorrow, to ask their advice.

Maybe Vaseline is the latest thing, who knows?

emmagee Thu 15-Apr-04 18:11:59

Pure Lavender oil is excellent at preventing scarring, just dab it on with cotton wool, also calendular tincture.

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