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nipple question - is this normal

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doodledo Thu 06-Jul-06 10:58:16

Have noticed that breasts have definitely changed (and not for the better) since childbirth and breastfeeding x2.
The "fat" under my nipples seems to have gone (sorry if tmi)and when I lie down and pull my arms above my head then my nipples on each side receed somewhat as there is nothing underneath them any more. This only happens if my nipples are not erect before pulling my arms up (god feel a prat typing this..)
i know that nipple inversion can be a sign of breastcancer but this only happens when I lie in a certain position and nipple is not erect. Does this even make any sense.
Give myself regular breastchecks, the last one was done by nurse at the same time as smear last month, all ok.

JessaJam Thu 06-Jul-06 11:00:58

Not exactly the same - mind you can't try the whole arms above head thing as am in office at the moment and might get a few odd glances if I got 'em out here!!! - but mine are certainly less, um, forthright than they used to be...they are 'easily intimidated' by bra's etc...

doodledo Thu 06-Jul-06 11:14:34

lol at the image of you trying the whole arm above heads thing in the middle of the office ,jessajam

rickman Thu 06-Jul-06 11:18:23

Message withdrawn

BellaLasagne Fri 25-Jul-08 09:01:14

Can anyone add any further examples to these that I've just found please?

I'm about to make an appt to see my GP as I've noticed exactly the same thing with my left boob over the last month or so. I gave it a month to see if it changed over my cycle, but it's stayed pretty much the same.

Thanks, BL

theyoungvisiter Fri 25-Jul-08 09:17:20

I think (not an expert!) you lose fatty breast tissue after pregnancy/weaning, so your boobs will look less full especially at first - I read somewhere that the fat does redeposit a bit but takes a while.

I certainly noticed my nipples were less full at the end of bfing DS - at least, not the nipple itself but the aerola (sp?) although they've filled out again now I'm pregnant again.

So I'd say, anecdotally sounds normal but if you're worried why not make an appointment to see your gp? Can't hurt and he can put your mind at rest if nothing else.

BellaLasagne Fri 25-Jul-08 09:33:04

Thanks, I'm going to, especially as my mum had BC last year.

BTW, I haven't just finished feeding..the youngest product is 9 and I'm 43, hence the worry.

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