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reaction to measles vaccination

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mckenzie Sun 22-Feb-04 16:47:56

I think I know the answer to this one already but I guess I'd just like some reasurrance.

DS (2 and a half) had his measles jab on thursday and is now very much under the weather. He is full of cold, coughing lots, not running a temperature but just generally very lethargic, totally off his food which is most unusual, tetchy, jusy prettty miserable really.

Could the jab have brought on the cold/cough or is it just a horrible coincidence? Anything I should be giving him other than calpol? Indeed, is it worth giving him Calpol as he doesn't have a temperature? His eyes are all red and his face all blotchy, bless him, he looks awful.
I even bought him George (one of Thomas the Tanks friends) this afternoon to cheer him up and that didn't work!

Dinny Sun 22-Feb-04 17:13:14

My dd had quite a strong reaction to her measles jab - about 9-10 days after. Rash on face, cough, cold, temp etc. I just gave her Calpol as she was quite uncomfortable. The clinic that did dd's jab said not to assume it's always a vaccine reaction though - it may be unrelated. Hope he feels better soon.

zebra Sun 22-Feb-04 17:15:35

Most the kids I know had a cold-like reaction to measles jab, although usually almost exactly 2 weeks later. My kids of course, didn't react at all. It is an assault in the immune system, though, so maybe your DS has just dipped with the usual bugs and the burden of his body having to make measles antibodies, too.

coppertop Sun 22-Feb-04 17:17:01

Ds2 had his MMR jab on Thursday and also has a runny nose, cough etc. However, all four of us seem to have the same symptoms so I'm pretty sure it's not related to the jab.

nutcracker Sun 22-Feb-04 17:30:18

My ds had his jab last week, and has since had a terrible cough and cold, but we have all got it now so i don't know.
Blimey, that was a useless answer wasn't it, Sorry

Luckymum Sun 22-Feb-04 17:58:51

My dd had similar particularly sore eyes and a rash on body, tops of arms and legs, she was better after about 5 days but the rash sort of came and went for about a fortnight.

Jimjams Sun 22-Feb-04 18:02:52

wild measles symptoms include a bad cough and very heavy eyes. Your ds may just have a cold, or it may from the jab. If it is from the jab it is *GOOD* because it means the thing has worked (so he should have immunity for 10-20 years).

mckenzie Sun 22-Feb-04 18:12:21

thanks for all your replies.
Should I give calpol do you think for the next day or so? I dont want to just give it to make myself feel better but I dont want to not give it if it might help my son.

prettycandles Tue 24-Feb-04 14:41:17

I give Calpol or baby Nurofen if whatever the child has seems to be making them miserable. So if they have a bit of a temperature but don't seem bothered, then I don't give C or bN; whereas if they have other illness symptoms without a temp, and do seem bothered, then I give C or bN. If you're reluctant to use it, then maybe just save it for naptimes/bedtimes.

My dd had her MMR two weeks ago, and towards the end of last week and over the weekend I noticed that her eyes seemed to bother her, as if the light was too bright. But there was nothing else other than a mild cold. I wonder whether that was a mild reaction.

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