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Dd's hair is falling out!

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Pinotmum Wed 05-Jul-06 21:44:11

Dd is 5.8 yo and over the past week to 10 days she seems to be losing alot of her hair. She has quite thick but fine hair and it's everywhere. When I wash it or brush it there is definitely more coming away than usual and this morning her nightdress and sheet was covered in hair. Is she lacking some vitamin do you think or is she just moulting? I'm starting to be a little worried now BTW she had chicken pox in June so could this account for the loss??

3mum Wed 05-Jul-06 22:16:53

Does she eat red meat? Does she drink a lot of milk? If no to the first and yes to the second could be iron deficiency a very common cause of hair loss in young children. See your doc who will do a blood test to check.

Pinotmum Wed 05-Jul-06 23:08:41

She doesn't eat alot of meat at all really and though doesn't drink lots of milk does drink it. I think I'll take her for a blood test then. Thanks

Feistybird Wed 05-Jul-06 23:10:16

There is also a fungal infection (similar to athlete's foot) that can cause hair loss.

Pinotmum Wed 05-Jul-06 23:20:11

Would there be obvious rash type signs. She doesn't have any bald patches just a general thinning I would say.

jabberwocky Wed 05-Jul-06 23:33:29

I don't know how susceptible young ones are to developing alopecia (sp?), but I think it's worth taking her in for an evaluation in any case.

fitchusa Thu 18-Sep-08 06:20:40

or ask gp about telogen effluvium... my dd was diagnosed with this. nothing to do but wait for the affected hair to fall out, then grow back again on its own....

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