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piggysarah1 Wed 23-Oct-13 22:25:41

Hi all.. I have an area of redness under my left breast.. I've had it for a good few months, but lately it has started to worry me .. I have pain from time to time. Am I being anxious and its nothing or should I check it out.?. I have tried to get a drs appt, cant get one until 19 Nov. . Iv been told if im concerned, phone in the morning as an emergency appt (drs receptionist doesn't know my concerns) .. I am worried

Biped Wed 23-Oct-13 23:07:18

Go and get an emergency appointment - if it's bugging you enough to make you post here, it's going to keep niggling you. If the first non-emergency GP appt is 19 Nov, then an "emergency" appt is definitely justified. Hopefully it will all be fine but definitely go and get it checked out. smile

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