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Is your toddler underweight?

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meadow Mon 11-Feb-02 20:42:03

My dd is 21m and weighs 21lbs. She is very petite for her age (her clothes are 9-12m).

She has NEVER eaten what I would call a substantial meal - the HV says not to worry and she will grow out of it - BUT WHEN?

She has 3 bottles of milk a day (approx. 7oz), won't eat sandwiches, just plain bread. She eats a little rice and salmon and tiny bits of chicken. She has a couple of mouthfuls of cereal, likes crisps (but I don't want her to eat this all day).

I would really appreciate any recommendations on what I can do/try to 'bulk her up'.

Crunchie Tue 12-Feb-02 08:32:04

My dd is similar, she is 2 and 10 months and about 25lbs (ish) however she eats like a horse!! She was verty premature so this is probably why, but all I can say is don't worry, enjoy the fact her clothes last longer as she will eventually grow. They do grow out of it, she is probably one of natures grazers. I found with my dd making food bags worked as if food comes in a bag it's fun! get a load of little food bags form the supermarket and put a handfull of cereal in one (cherrios, baby weetabix, shreddies etc all seem to work), or raisin, or a few grapes. I even cook a handful or two of mini mixed frozen veg, refresh it in cold water and have that.

Don't bother to 'bulk her up' it doesn't matter if she's healthy. Bear in mind some people are petite, some are large, she'll be happy to be petite in 20 years time!!

momoffour Tue 12-Feb-02 09:41:18

my daughter is 2yr 10 months and weighs 20lb she was born small only 4lb at full term she never eats either, she is now under a dietitian who has put her on polycal which is a high calorie drink, it hasnt made a differance and i worry as well.

Janus Tue 12-Feb-02 12:33:30

Mine has always been 'in the red' on her weight chart and I have worried myself sick over this. BUT, I'm becoming lots more relaxed, if she doesn't eat a meal then don't fuss, just let her down and think she may eat more at the next meal. Her favs at the mo, are spag bol (and I bung in loads of different type of veg, very good mince meat, chicken livers, etc so she gets a really good mix in this), pasta and pasta sauce, sausages (not usually with much ie doesn't really like mash but peas usually go down), laughing cow cheese triangles, yogurts, loads of fruit.
One thing my dietician repeatedly says is to cut down on milk intake so she is more hungry. I am now down to 14oz a day and I really think this has helped so may be worth a try?
Good luck, I know it's worrying but I have found the more I worry the worse it gets so go easy on yourself and if she misses a meal try and be relaxed and just get on with the rest of the day.

Lizzer Tue 12-Feb-02 16:31:15

Oh Meadow, have I heard your story somewhere before, ermmm...yep, sounds just like my dd!!

I know it drives you mad but as everyone tells me, she'll be fine. As for bulking up, I really have drawn the conclusion that 'most' children eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full and some have big appetites and some small and I try try try not to worry about lines, charts etc...

As for the milk intake, I agree that it may help when you cut it down but sometimes its nice to give them something filling when they won't touch their food so is a bit of a vicious circle (I wouldn't care, but dd hated cow's milk til she was about 14 months and then she became an addict!)

Sorry, I know this isn't what you asked for but as long as she's a happy, bright little girl (as I'm sure she is) its nothing to worry about (as if I don't??!!)

meadow Tue 12-Feb-02 18:53:40

Thanks everyone - she is healthy and active and I will try not to worry, but it is hard. It's just that everyone I speak to at playgroup does not have a problem with their child's eating habits, so I feel that they don't understand my problem.

Lizzer - you are right with the 'vicious circle' milk situation, I will cut down and see what happens.

sobernow Tue 12-Feb-02 20:45:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bloss Wed 13-Feb-02 10:47:40

Message withdrawn

Minky Wed 13-Feb-02 13:23:44

My dd is 2 yrs 8 months and is about 25 lbs and wears age 1 1/2 - 2 clothes, at 2yrs she was was wearing clothes for 12 months. She eats very well but sometimes forgets about eating so in between meals I suggest she might have a snack. She does not drink any milk (the night bottle was just a habit before about 2yrs as she only had about 2oz so we dropped that in favour of a snack). She has now started eating yogurts with her bob the builder spade spoon and eats at least 2 small ones a day! I find she eats much better if we have family meals and all eat the same thing. Another way might be to let her start to help you make the meals as my dd loves helping and then eating what she has made eg stirring scrambled egg (before it is cooked!). She also won't eat chunks of cheese but will quite happily sprinkle grated cheese on her mashed potato! Another thing I have tried is making milkshakes with fruit in them. Try not to worry, remember it is what they eat over the whole week rather than each day.

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