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Cheer me up - stuck in hospital in Paris

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thekingfisher Mon 21-Oct-13 11:09:11

I could do with cheering up ... Came away for 2 nights to Paris with dh and ds10 had major fibroid haemorrhage last night and was blue lighted to hospital 3 hours of surgery doing d&c and emboli station then blood transfusion.

So so scared and now feeling as though I have been run over by a bus not unsurprisingly . Have to stay for another night the get further surgery - prob hysterectomy and may need further transfusion tonight. Dh and ds now gone up Eiffel Tower I am lying in bed with massive weird knickers 3 drips and huge pad on - plus I l

FishfingersAreOK Tue 22-Oct-13 18:27:36

Sorry for my silly jokes/twitter links. Everyone else has been very supportive and I have sent you shallow stuff blush But brew here's hoping you feel well enough for a joke soon

Gatekeeper Tue 22-Oct-13 19:28:36

I bet your bed feels like the best place on earth tonight; here's to a good night sleep and feeling a bit better tomorrow

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Wed 23-Oct-13 08:56:51

Hope you are feeling better today and the referral will go smoothly. flowers

BillyGoatintheBuff Wed 23-Oct-13 09:03:23

Hope you are getting on ok. Thinking of you. Let us know if you are feeling a bit better today.

thekingfisher Wed 23-Oct-13 09:29:55

Thanks to all including twitter links to tommy cooper jokes v v funny. Had ok night sleep still feel like I've been hit by a bus... But good news my mum has come to stay for as long as I need her smile

Have drs at 11.20 however they have not received anything from hospital in Paris yet so fingers crossed something gets produced before I get there....

Thanks for all the support and help I will update when I know morexx

PetiteRaleuse Wed 23-Oct-13 10:39:53

That's great re your mum. Hospital admin in France is painfully slow, chucking an international fax number into the equation will have confused them grin at least you will be able to go, explain what happened, show them your discharge papers and get yourself checked if need be.

thekingfisher Thu 31-Oct-13 07:58:50

Thought I would update for all those who kept me company. I'm finally feeling much better than I did though still tired after being too busy . I have had had anothe blood test and HB levels going in right direction it was 10.7 on Tuesday so a significant improvement from 8 and hopefully the iron they gave me will continue to do its work.

In other news having has 2 consultants spots am now booked I for a hysterectomy on 27th nov so can finally but issues to bed . I am very scared about this but seems to be the least worst solution. I have found my way on to the hysterectomy thread so am getting lots of good support there

Again Thankyou for all the help and support smile

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 31-Oct-13 08:11:55

Good news theking!

A friend went through this last year, the hysterectomy was scary but she is so much better after, she was able to go back to work as before she had to run off because of the bleedings. Thankfully she has a very understanding boss.


SthingMustBeScaringThemAway Thu 31-Oct-13 08:19:46

Pleased to hear you're ok and everything is under control. I hope your Dh and Ds have recovered as well.

Good luck with the surgery.

bigbrick Thu 31-Oct-13 12:20:31

Good that you are feeling better and all the best for your operation. Best wishes

Gatekeeper Fri 01-Nov-13 16:30:00

Glad to see you feeling a bit better; i would be scared by the op too but will make a big difference. My sister suffered for years with fibroids and ended up needing a blood transfusion before they finally did a hysterectomy. fibroids filled the whole of her uterus!

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