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Why is my hair coming out?

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aaaahyouidiot Sun 20-Oct-13 10:35:45

Hmmmm. I'm used to the crazy hair loss after pregnancy (I also had this when I stopped breastfeeding). But it's stated coming out again, for about six or eight weeks now. Not clumps but if I run my hand through my hair there are 4-5 strands coming out every time. It feels a little thinner on my head/in a pony tail too.

I can't think of any reason for this to happen. I don't want to rush to the GP (feel like I'm there lots since having the DC, for some reason) but nor do I want to wait until I'm half bald before I do something about it!

Has anyone got any suggestions?

PiratesCat Tue 12-Nov-13 18:07:23

I have just added Silica capsules to my 'hair first aid' regime. First one today. Will report back if at any stage there's any improvement. At present am taking brewers yeast tablets, ferrous fumerate (even though iron not technically low but just the low side of normal) and am hoping that in a few months the shedding improves.

On another thread I recommended a product a new hairdresser used (and which I bought). It's called Uniq 1. It is a leave in thing and makes hair smooth and silky, sorts out tangles, tames flyaways, adds a bit of body, heat protection etc. I was very very impressed. I bought it in the salon but you can get it on ebay or amazon quite a bit cheaper if anyone wants to give it a try. It's the best product I've used by far (and I've tried loads). Had never heard of this one. HAve recommended to someone else who has coarse, thin hair and she's v impressed also.

Elibean Tue 12-Nov-13 12:48:28

Oooh, will google Alpecin.

Mine feels very thin now, like old lady hair - though friends say they don't really notice a difference. They would if they felt it!

I suppose a degree of fall out is normal after menopause, but the hard part is not knowing when or if it is going to stop.

As usual, it helps not to be alone with this - so thanks to all who are posting smile

Naicecuppatea Tue 12-Nov-13 12:37:50

I'm also going through this and it's very distressing. Have you got any more updates on the Alpecin, lonelybunny?

Lonelybunny Thu 31-Oct-13 22:14:38

Update : may b a coincidence but used alpecin last night kept it in my head for half hour rinsed out . I've had hardly any hair fall all day ? Amazing ! I hope this really is going to help smile

Lonelybunny Tue 29-Oct-13 17:36:58

I've just bought from amazon some of that alpicen caffeine shampoo , it had good reviews will let u know if it helps...

Elibean Tue 29-Oct-13 10:06:11

I counted at least 50 strands in the bath water after I washed it yesterday shock

The last time was much better, so I'd hoped the fall out was over. I've started taking Floradix, but as I'm 53 I have a horrible feeling this is mostly hormonal and/or stress related.

Not sure whether to see the hairdresser or the GP for advice, or both?!

Lonelybunny Tue 29-Oct-13 08:06:22

I was literally just about to ask the same question . I too am getting 4/5 strands of hair each time I touch it and its scary ! Been going on weeks I don't think I have bald patches but do have a patchy bristly bit at the back :-/ I too shed after pregnancy , I'm stilllq 1 yo . I'm on citalopram for anxiety and that can cause hairloss according to some opinion although my GP said it wasn't that . I've had iron levels and thyroid checked , iron was fine thyroid boderline , so I'm re resting in December , just hope I still have hair by then , I just can't understand it sad

Rummiwerewolfkub Tue 29-Oct-13 06:45:51

Good, hope they do find out why your hair is coming out.

aaaahyouidiot Mon 28-Oct-13 23:27:50

Blood test tomorrow, checking thyroid and haematology smile

KCumberSandwich Tue 22-Oct-13 22:53:19

This happened to me as a teen, i have very long hair which ive always been sort of proud of, i was very upset. doctors couldnt find anything wrong but when i went to the hairdressers it turned out that my hair was actually breaking not falling out. i stopped putting it in ponytails as often especially if it was wet and that worked, so it could be something simple like tieing it back too tight?

Rummikub Tue 22-Oct-13 22:46:43

No, not tried selenium. I will give that a swerve then I think grin. The b vit tablet is huge! Looks like a horse pill, then I can feel it in my throat for ages afterwards.

prettyanddainty Tue 22-Oct-13 07:33:39

rumm I know it's yuk, ever tried selenium? I took them for a week and had to stop, the smell was horrible.
aaahy glad you are making an appointment, let us know how you got on.

Rummikub Mon 21-Oct-13 22:50:39

Dainty, yes my hair does feel dry and thin. I use argan oil to try to help its condition. It does seem to work.

Just taken my first b complex. It's yuk!!

aaaahyouidiot Mon 21-Oct-13 21:55:36

I've decided to make an appointment with the GP. I'll update afterwards smile

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 21-Oct-13 21:44:45

"underage eked"???? "underwhelmed"!!!

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 21-Oct-13 21:43:35

I have always moulted lots, but I have just started using [[ L'Oreal 3X]] which really really works. Now my hair only comes out when I brush it, rather than eg when I run my hand through my hair. I noticed a difference the very first time I used the shampoo and conditioner, and I'm normally underage eked by new beauty stuff. (Don't worry, it's much cheaper in Sainsburys than the link above)

Not a cure for any underlying problem, but might help alleviate symptoms?

prettyanddainty Mon 21-Oct-13 21:40:26

Hi yes I do eat quite a bit of chicken and beef now, but never used to. I am taking b vitamins, iron and vitamin d tabs. Do you find your hair is very dry and brittle looking?

Rummikub Mon 21-Oct-13 21:32:41

I bought some b12 from holland and Barrett to help with hair loss. The assistant said its important to eat a high protein diet for good hair growth and I hardly do. How about you?

prettyanddainty Mon 21-Oct-13 07:34:58

Yes I think coeliac does affect iron absorption. I also have new re growth but I just want the hair shedding to stop now, it's really stressful. I have been on iron now for a while and haven't seen any improvement, I am starting to wonder if it's something else. I have had all the blood tests done though.

Rummikub Sun 20-Oct-13 22:21:13

No it hasn't. It's slowed down a bit I think, though I hate it when I see hair on my pillow case in the morning. I have noticed new hair growth though, hurrah! I was given a private prescription fr rogaine but been too scared to try it, as it causes hair loss at beginning! So does coeliac affect absorption of nutrients?

prettyanddainty Sun 20-Oct-13 22:10:20

Hi no he hasn't, I am on iron tabs and will get my blood test at the end of the month. Has your hair stopped falling out now? I am also going to get tested for coeliac disease.

Rummikub Sun 20-Oct-13 21:52:37

I think my iron was 6, it's up to 40 now. Can't remember vit d level, just to it was low. Thyroid levels were normal too. I have started taking my iron tabs with orange juice as its supposed to help with absorption. Must go take it now before I forget! Has doc looked into why your ferritin is low?

prettyanddainty Sun 20-Oct-13 21:44:10

rummi do you know what your levels were? I am having hair loss and have been for the last 3 months. I have had all the tests. and ferritin came back at 16, so I am on iron tabs now. I didn't know that low vitamin d caused hair loss, I had a vitamin d deficiency back in June but I am replete now, so that shouldn't be the cause of my hair loss.

Rummikub Sun 20-Oct-13 18:46:13

Rockin, thanks for that info. I was just told it was normal within range, but iron not on the range. I can see improvement, but a long way to go yet.

RockinD Sun 20-Oct-13 18:42:39

The received wisdom is that ferritin needs to be at least 70 and preferably over 90 to prevent hair loss and other symptoms.

B12 is also implicated in hair loss.

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