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muscular pain in shoulder

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squirmyworm Fri 20-Feb-04 18:47:39

hi all - have a very stiff and sore left shoulder (between neck and shoulder blade) which seems to get worse when I work at a computer or lift ds around a lot. Had a massage yesterday which helped loads, but it's now back with a vengeance. Any ideas? I think it's muscular so would an osteo be able to help? I've tried heat packs and they're good but again don't last

Posey Fri 20-Feb-04 21:09:25

I also have a soreness, in my back but not where most people get backache. Its quite high up, between the shoulder blade and my spine. Same as you it gets worse after carrying ds about or if I've been sitting poorly. Anyway what helps me is to be very conscious about my posture. Standing and sitting well really does help. I also stretch quite regularly throughout the day when actually I feel like sagging my shoulders and stooping more. I sleep with just one pillow and lie flat on my back, at least until I'm asleep. I tend to stretch myself out in the bed. All these things really seem to help, just generally keeping the affected area moving.
I know the pain isn't in exactly the same place as your but it might help.

kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 21:16:37

trapped nerve, get it all the time, see osteo!! Really brilliant, also if recurs get dry needling/ western acupunture.
I had chronic neck/shoulder trapped nerve pain, caused by anythign as simple as waking up and turning my head to picking and carrying dd.
Worth seeing osteo, mine was wonderfully helpful
And if you sleep on your tummy

kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 21:17:23

I mean it could possibly be... sorry bit bolshy!

squirmyworm Fri 20-Feb-04 21:42:40

thanks kb - will book in with osteo - but i LOVE sleeping on my tummy! it was one of the worst things about being pregnant, not being able to.

Posey, sounds like your is roughly in same place - think I described mine badly


kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 21:58:42

I know I am confirmed tummy sleeper, but soince not doing so, using one of those carppy preg pillows they sell you when you are too naive to know better (wedge thing> I can prevent myself from sleepin that way, it has made whole lot of difference.
Good luck I know how debilitating it it, also do you carry car seat?
I gave mine up for fixed one as well, no more pain

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