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How long to wait for a hospital appointment if...

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butterandcrumpets Thu 17-Oct-13 17:11:24

...a biopsy has shown "some unusual cells"?. It's been just over a week since I got the letter with the result. I think I read about a 2 weeks wait somewhere but does this mean I am being seen within 2 weeks or hear from the hospital? I am of course worried and was wondering how long I should wait before enquiring. Does anyone have experience with this?

butterandcrumpets Thu 17-Oct-13 18:41:47

Anybody? sad

Milliways Thu 17-Oct-13 19:58:28

Try not to worry - "Unusual" could mean anything.

A 2 week wait is that you should have an appointment within 2 weeks from when your GP/clinician sent the referral letter.

Was the biopsy taken at GP surgery or hospital? Did your result letter not include an appointment? If your GP ordered the biopsy I would phone and ask them what is happening.

Good luck

butterandcrumpets Thu 17-Oct-13 23:26:34

The biopsy was taken at the hospital but the letter with the results was sent by my GP, stating that he has forwarded the results to the consultant and that I should hear from the hospital.

yourlittlesecret Fri 18-Oct-13 16:22:21

You could ring the consultant's secretary, tell her your GP has referred you under the two week wait rules and she may give you the appointment date.

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