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Mum been told she has a fibroid, she's 71. What's her options?

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cocoleBOO Thu 17-Oct-13 18:06:41

Little bump.

cocoleBOO Wed 16-Oct-13 19:12:58

She knew she has one because she was involved in a study for ovarian cancer and was told them that there was one. She thought she had a UTI but her urine was clear so she had a scan testerday. The fibroid is the only thing that showed up.
She has never had any type of gynae problems, now is going to the loo more and has a pain near her ovaries and back. Everything I've read says they should get smaller after the menopause, hers obviously hasn't hmm.

She is being referred to gynae. Will they be able to be shrunk or is an op the most common way to remove them?

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