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Torn cartilidge

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thoughtsbecomethings Wed 16-Oct-13 18:32:30

After weeks, months in so much pain have had an MRI scan and now been told I have torn cartilidge. What happens now ? Operation is so how long will I be laid up for ?

grimbletart Wed 16-Oct-13 19:08:38

If it was like mine (I've had two ops for that) it was just day surgery and both were complex cartilage tears. In one I also had a lateral release where they cut across the kneecap to stitch and hold the kneecap - which kept dislocating - into position and although the swelling was huge, the pain level was pretty low and I needed crutches for only a few days plus lots of frozen peas on it to reduce swelling grin

In the straightforward cartilage op I didn't need any painkillers and only used a crutch for one day, then a stick for a couple of days.

Just be careful though not to overdo things too soon because it feels OK as that could set you back. You'll probably need some physic as well.

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