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Any PCOS experts out there?

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SidandAndyssextoy Wed 16-Oct-13 17:21:02

I have a suspicion that something is out of whack with me but my GP says not. I have no fertility problems and apparently regular periods. But I do have very light periods that stop as soon as I use any progesterone contraception, some annovulatory cycles (although I am mid-30s) and pretty late onset of periods. I also have hypoplastic breasts, put weight on my stomach disproportionately so I look pregnant, I can only lose weight when dramatically lowering carbs, and blood sugar readings hovering around 5 fasting. In addition I have had depression most of my life on and off (roughly every two years).

I know some of this might be meaningless but Dr Internet suggests that some of this is characteristic of PCOS and might respond to metformin. (Some of it, like the depression, I wouldn't expect to address this way.) My GP disagrees and says that I can't have PCOS and regular periods. Is she right?

Marrow Thu 17-Oct-13 00:02:45

No your GP is wrong. PCOS is a syndrome so whilst you may have some symptoms you do not need to have all of them to suffer from the condition. I have PCOS confirmed after ultrasound scans, laparoscopy and blood tests. I have a lot of PCOS symptoms but I nearly always have regular periods.

I responded very well to Metformin but you may also find that you get a significant improvement in symptoms by following a low GI diet.

IvanaCake Thu 17-Oct-13 12:41:56

Your gp is completely wrong. I have pcos and regular periods. I have no experience of metformin, but definitely see a different gp.

eurochick Thu 17-Oct-13 12:48:03

Your GP is wrong.

anon2013 Thu 17-Oct-13 12:49:16

GP is wrong. Many don't know about PCOS.

SidandAndyssextoy Thu 17-Oct-13 13:40:59

My GP claims to be a PCOS expert!

Thanks. I'll try again. I wasn't very assertive before. It also strikes me that I lose weight easily when pregnant, without really changing my diet. I wonder if that's the hormonal shift having an effect on my metabolism?

SidandAndyssextoy Thu 17-Oct-13 13:42:59

And I've followed a low GI diet on and off for over a year now. It certainly helps with the weight.

LittleAbruzzenBear Thu 17-Oct-13 13:48:39

I have PCOS and the only time my weight hasn't been a struggle was when pregnant. My periods are irregular, although since taking agnus castus the last two months, my period has been on time. I think a low carb diet would benefit me, but it isn't practical when planning family dinners.

anon2013 Thu 17-Oct-13 13:49:08

There's actually a PCOS for dummies book that I've read. Metformin is normally given but it does make you sick.

SidandAndyssextoy Thu 17-Oct-13 13:57:59

You can do some stuff though, littlebear. Even if dinners are difficult, your other meals can be low-GI. I've more or less weaned myself off bread and potatoes other than as treats, and lots of oats. Very interested to see someone else finding pregnancy to be the best diet ever!

SidandAndyssextoy Thu 17-Oct-13 13:58:23

Thanks, anon. Will look that up.

exiledmancityfan Thu 17-Oct-13 14:03:25

I have got PCOS and there are a number of symptoms of which lack of periods is one, however, so is bleeding all the time. If you think you have PCOS you can be diagnosed with an ultrasound scan, go and see a different GP and see if you can get referred. I was also given metformin which I had to educate the gyne about (it was about 10 yrs ago though) and my periods became regular enough for me to conceive DS1.

Marrow Thu 17-Oct-13 14:05:07

With both my pregnancies I lost 2.5 stone and ate as normal. I am sure it is because my hormones are balanced in pregnancy. It starts piling back on a few months after birth.

SidandAndyssextoy Thu 17-Oct-13 14:09:10

Snap, Marrow.

LittleAbruzzenBear Thu 17-Oct-13 14:11:16

Yes Marrow I think it's the hormones balancing out when pregnant

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