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Sister and addictions

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marmiteandpeaches Wed 09-Oct-13 18:09:07

My dear sister has told me she's got an addiction problem but I don't know what she's addicted to (she won't tell me). She says she has to deal with it alone and can't tell medics because if she does they won't give her the pain medication she needs (she has a very painful arthritic condition as well). I have no idea whether the addiction is to prescribed medication or to something she's accessed elsewhere. She is 27 years old.

My question is this: if it's something other than her prescribed meds that she's addicted to, then would asking services for help prevent her getting prescribed anything else with the potential to be addictive (like many pain medications)?

Thank you very much for your help.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 10-Oct-13 12:06:12

I don't know but if she is taking something that could seriously affect the prescribed medication or heighten the chance of organ damage she is taking a big risk. Does she have regular blood tests to check functions, with any luck they'll pick up on raised levels but please talk to her again, urge her to talk honestly to her GP.

marmiteandpeaches Thu 10-Oct-13 13:00:04

Thank you so much for your reply, Donkeys.

I have nagged her to see GP, but trying to get her to talk/get help is just making her shut down from me and not tell me anything else sad. I really don't know what she's addicted to (I suspect perhaps she's ordered stuff over the internet for quite some time - no idea what). I just don't have any more info than that. I don't even know what her current pain meds are for arthritis (has been on lots of different things over the years, I suspect).

Matildathecat Thu 10-Oct-13 13:34:46

It's extremely common for people with chronic pain to self medicate. Usually with alcohol because it's easy to obtain. I truly believe if she asks her GP honestly for help she will not be judged. Presumably this is happening because her pain is not well controlled?

Is she receiving specialist help for her arthritis and her pain? Could you offer to go to the GP with her? Sounds like she told you because she wants help.

Hope she will be able to confide in you more and get support. Uncontrolled pain is unacceptable. (She wrote as she lay on her bed waiting for her meds to kick in...)

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