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What should I say/ask the GP about thyroid, fibriods and ttc.

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pizzaqueen Wed 09-Oct-13 17:10:59

This is the first time I've posted in health but looking for some advice/expierences. Sorry if it's a bit long!

I've booked an appt to see a new GP at the end of next week. I'm 24, have a 3 year old ds and about 2-3stone overweight. We've ttc dc2 since Feb.

I had a miscarriage in June sad . I started bleeding and it just wouldn't stop had to go to a&e all very dramatic! At my final scan to check no products left they saw a 5cm 'cyst' in my uterus. I think this is a fibriod? The sonographer said this is too small to take any action (7cm minimum) and it will probably go away by itself? But I'm worried it's growing as I have to pee a lot, have heavy periods and a dull ache/heavy feeling in my belly a lot. My periods have been 28days like clockwork since the mc.

I also want to ask about my thyroid. I am constantly knackered, trying hard to lose weight but it's not shifting and feel cold a lot. My dad, aunt and gran all have different thyroid issues. My dad also has late onset diabetes.

What do I need to say to the doctor, all of the above is causing me lots of anxiety. Especially as I'm worried there's an issue preventing me from conceiving. Has anyone had any experience of the above? I'm really worried the GP won't take me seriously (as I haven't been taken seriously in the past by old gp) and will just tell me to lose weight.

I think it's all come to a head now as I've had to take a day off work as I got my period yesterday and feel too yucky to go in sad .

pizzaqueen Wed 09-Oct-13 20:26:05

Anyone had any expierence of thyroid issues or fibriods? What should I be asking of my GP? What I can I expect?

helzapoppin2 Thu 10-Oct-13 09:43:28

You need to ask for a thyroid test. It's a blood test. Thyroid issues can be behind all your other problems, but if not, then at least you've got a chance to ask. Thyroid problems run in families. I am hypothyroid and my db was diagnosed yesterday with it. Very quick, blood test one day, results to doctor by next day.
I also had fibroids but a long time before thyroid diagnosis, although I think I had it for years before it was diagnosed, so could have been linked.

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