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Esa claim. medical assessment

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hashtagwhatever Tue 08-Oct-13 18:30:46

I have been receiving Esa I have no diagnosis as of yet.
I have alot of pain in joints and awful exhaustion.
awaiting a rheumatology appointment, have had lots of bloods and xrays done. the results should be in tomorrow.

Tomorrow I also have been called in for a assessment for my esa supposedly with a health professional.

I would like to ask has anyone had one of these? and could give me some idea of what happens at one?.

Thank you in advance

OrangeFlower7 Tue 08-Oct-13 19:20:14

If possible if you could take any medical evidence with you that would have been useful. Shame there is not a few days in between. Any chance you could get printout of results or diagnosis to take in with you?

hashtagwhatever Tue 08-Oct-13 19:24:37

typically the appointment is 1st thing tomorrow so won't have time. I have letters for hospital appointments?.

they have received a sick note from my gp before (not sure of correct term?).

millymae Tue 08-Oct-13 19:52:55

Take someone with you if you can and make sure that you keep telling the assessor how you feel on your worst days and not your best.

If you've got time read this - it will at least give you some idea what to expect. It was written by someone who resigned her position as an ATOS assessor, and having been through an incapacity benefit assessment myself just before ESA was introduced she definitely tells it like it was.

hashtagwhatever Wed 09-Oct-13 11:48:45

Thanks wasn't so bad.

was with a dr he was nice enough.

will just have to await the outcome I guess.

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