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Tooth extraction at hospital - terrified !

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thursdaysgirls Tue 08-Oct-13 14:01:50

Ive had toothache on and off for a while. Last night it ramped up a massive amount - not had any pain for weeks and then last night (whilst I was eating my wedding cake, sob) it came on out of nowhere and literally knocked me off my feet.

Spent 2 hours on the phone to 111 trying to sort out an emergency dental appointment as Im not registered anywhere, only for them to give me phone numbers for Retford and Nottingham (I live near Mansfield and dont drive) Im not one for complaining about NHS but they were fecking useless this morning. Rang round my local dentists till I found one that could get me in.

Ive given birth 3 times and all 3 of the labours combined did not hurt anywhere near the amount that my tooth hurt last night. Dragged myself to the dentist this afternoon and hes referred me to the hospital to get it removed surgically.

Praying this will be done under a general anesthetic and not under local.. Tho from my Googl-ing it appears that it only gets referred when it needs to be done under GA? Anyone had this experience?

And how long does it take from referral to getting an appointment? Im at max dose of co codamol, ibuprofen and on 500mg of Amoxicillin 3 times a day sad

mumblechum1 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:09:24

Presumably it's a wisdom tooth, if it has to be done surgically? I had a molar taken out by the dentist last year and it was a 30 second job, didn't hurt a bit and I just carried on with my day.

Ds had both wisdom teeth taken out in hospital last year. He was in and out of surgery in about 20 mins, had both done under GA and made a very quick recovery with no bruising at all. Although he was given co0codamol for after the op, he didn't need any after 24 hours.

I guess your problem is that you have pain before the op, and I'd be surprised if you'll be left in a lot of pain for long. It may be that once your infection goes down, which I'm sure it will soon, as you;'re on ABs, you will feel loads better.

You don't need to be in pain; if the painkillers aren't working, go to your GP and see if you can be given something stronger in the interim.

Hope you feel better soon, toothache is so horrible, makes you want to take your head off.

JuliaScurr Tue 08-Oct-13 14:09:32

the pain might be an abcess; the ab's will clear that before any treatment. Can't you get a dentist specialising in nervous patients? For some reason we have loads of all types of NHS dentists here (Medway). If you can't get GA, get tranquillisers
good luck

Honsandrevels Tue 08-Oct-13 14:11:42

I had a tooth removed in hospital not under general. Judging by the waiting room there were plenty of others just having local. It wasn't pleasant but fine really.

Has the dentist said why you need it done in hospital?

I'd try ringing the hospital direct and see if you can get a cancellation.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

theothermrssoos Tue 08-Oct-13 14:41:56

Dentist just said "Im referring you to Kings Mill (local hospital), that needs doing surgically." (the downside of taking a beta blocker before going in, made my memory a little fuzzy) And then spoke a load of medical jargon to the nurse that I cant remember.

Its not my back tooth; its the second and third one from the back? So 2 molars (Im guessing - trying to Google now!)

If I havent had a letter by Friday morning I will be calling the dentist and the hospital to find out whats what.

theothermrssoos Tue 08-Oct-13 14:44:07

@mumblechum - I definitely wanted to take my own head off last night. If I hadnt been alone with my two kids I probably would have slammed my head through a wall. I completely freaked out my 5 year old sad So I have Mum guilt on top !

buttermellow Tue 08-Oct-13 17:07:49

I had my wisdom tooth done under local (impacted and infected), it wasn't too terrible. It did take a while (45 minutes) but a lot of that was just looking at the tooth.

I wasn't allowed a general, or sedation, so it was difficult - I would liked to have had either but no, had to have a general.

I do remember a lot of prodding, but they had to break my jaw bone a little and shaved a bit off. That smarted a bit! I can imagine that if your tooth isn't impacted it will be a lot easier.

I did get given codydramol and ibuprofen - had to use both for the first week, but within 24 hours I was eating soft foods.

The lady before me had two wisdom teeth taken out, she was sedated and she said she felt lovely, didn't realise what was happening at all. So that might be an option, I'd take that if you're offered.

starfishmummy Tue 08-Oct-13 17:20:26

I jadna tooth taken out at the hospital under a local - dentist referred me because it was the stump where a crown had been and he didn't do many of them.
It was just like a normal dental appointment

theothermrssoos Tue 08-Oct-13 17:22:53

Ill be taking sedation if they wont do a general. I have bi polar disorder along with anxiety and panic attacks, thank feck for beta blockers or I wouldnt have made it to the dentists today. I feel like such a baby. Im not a big whiner, but I think everyone has a "thing" they hate and folk prodding at my gob is the one thing I hate/am terrified of. Dentist had to reassure me several times that he wouldnt actually touch my tooth before Id sit in the chair.

RockinD Tue 08-Oct-13 19:27:05

I had a molar out in hospital under local. Possibly because it was hospital, the local seemed to be stronger than usual and they did lay me on an operating table when they actually took it out.

If you need anything more than a heavy duty local best to tell them as soon as you can. They'll be doing this on a production line.

aliasdictus Thu 10-Oct-13 00:57:07

Hello, toothache can be dreadful and the NHS does not manage it very well. Fortunately you are on antibiotics which should make a difference within 24 hours. You usually have to wait at least two weeks or so for the inflammation to settle down before removal. In that time a flare up may occur so try and avoid chewing on hard jelly gums or fruit gums as that can often seem to provoke another episode. If you do feel the infection starting again try and see a dentist or doctor ASAP as it is unlikely to get better without antibiotics and it always happens on a Friday night.

More importantly, be delighted that you have been referred to hospital for removal. Dentists mainly do fillings and esoteric stuff nowadays and the real tooth removal experts are the oral surgeons in hospital, just don't call them dentists. Where a dentist would struggle for half an hour the oral surgeon will do the whole thing in thirty seconds. Even with a really difficult tooth they are incredibly fast and expert so be thankful you have been referred. Secondly, they are also extremely good at their local aesthetic placement as for a general anaesthetic you have a tube down your throat or up your nose and it is far safer to have a local anaesthetic.
Lastly, if you have had a bad toothache then you will know what real pain is like, the pain involved in having your tooth taken out in hospital is about one hundredth of the pain you have already suffered so please don't worry, you will be so pleased afterwards and hopefully will write and encourage other mumsnetters.

Mrsmorton Thu 10-Oct-13 07:12:14

A fair few inaccuracies there from alias OP how are you doing now? Antibiotics are rarely a good answer to toothache, there are circumstances where they can help but in ten patients I may see in pain in my OOH clinic, I may write one prescription. The rest of the teeth all need actual work on them (removing filling/decay/pus). Fingers crossed you're the 1:10.

theothermrssoos Thu 10-Oct-13 10:42:17

I'm much better, thankyou smile

Anti-bs seem to have kicked in, I'm down to just one co codamol 4 times a day which is much less than before. Not heard from the hospital yet.

I've had a GA before and not had a tube down my throat or my nose?

Mrsmorton Thu 10-Oct-13 12:42:25

Usually for dental extractions, they use a laryngeal mask airway which is a sort of pad on the end of a tube the pad covers your airway so nothing can fall down it and the tube delivers oxygen to you. It's placed after you're asleep so you won't remember it being done?

Millie2013 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:24:15

I had an extraction under IV sedation at a dental hospital (tooth had fractured rather messily, thank you horse)
Anyhow, it was a doddle, well apparently not so for the surgeon, but I don't remember a thing and would do if all again in a heartbeat!

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