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Spotty, grotty, boy, serious?

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Demented Wed 18-Feb-04 22:13:21

My DS2 20 months has had a yucky cold for about 10 days now. On Saturday evening he seemed to get much worse, by Sunday he was off his food etc, Monday I notice he had a few spots on his bum and round his mouth, today the spots have spread to his hands, feet, legs and he has one big one at the back of his mouth.

He has not had his MMR (I won't go into all the reasons as you have probably heard me raving on about it already ) and obviously measles and rubella have entered my head.

Anyone got any idea what this might be?

Demented Wed 18-Feb-04 22:18:54

He's had a fairly good dose of the chicken pox already so can probably rule that out.

twiglett Wed 18-Feb-04 22:23:13

message withdrawn

marialuisa Wed 18-Feb-04 22:27:13

I'm with twiglett.It sounds like hand, foot and mouth. docs can't do anything but you do need to warn nursery (if he goes).

Posey Wed 18-Feb-04 22:31:31

Dd had hand foot and mouth disease a couple of years ago. Not much to be done except Calpol as they can feel quite fluey with it. Its highly contagious so beware around other kids. Apparently once had you get a lifetime immunity.
My dd felt unwell with it for a couple of weeks and was off her food as the spots in her mouth were sore.
Hope he feels better soon.

willow2 Wed 18-Feb-04 22:32:23

Chickenpox? It is rife at the moment.

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 22:32:54

yes I've got a dd with measles and it doesn't sound like that at all. Rubella either.
Def more like HFM, they don;t do anything for it, just tell you to keep away from folk and calpol for aches and pians and grumblies, I'm all for getting things confirmed though!
Hope he's ok

sb34 Wed 18-Feb-04 22:34:25

Message withdrawn

willow2 Wed 18-Feb-04 23:14:31

My post looks really stupid - suggesting something your ds has already had - but when I posted I only saw your first post and thought I was the first to respond. How weird is that?

twiglett Thu 19-Feb-04 09:35:12

message withdrawn

Demented Thu 19-Feb-04 17:52:27

Thanks for all your messages, sorry I have not replied sooner, I have been in bed feeling ill myself. Thanks for the link Twiglett, it definately sounds like HF&M. Feel terrible as we have been out of the house all week (work going on the in the house that doesn't mix well with small children), he has been in various shops/shopping centres and parks in the area and has even been to the leisure centre creche (although just the once before I noticed that the spots had spread beyond his bum, thought it was nappy rash and he just had a cold).

He seems to be on the mend, spots are reducing, given the fact that I am not well myself now and the workmen have left the house I think that unless he takes another turn for the worse we won't bother with the Dr and just take advantage of an empty house.

Thanks for all your help.

Kiwisbird, sorry to her about your DD, is she coping OK with the measles?

Demented Thu 19-Feb-04 22:18:39

Arrrgh, DS1 has started developing spots on his hands, he has been complaining about a sore bit in his mouth too, he's been everywhere we have and to nursery too! If he still has them tomorrow I think I will take him to the Dr so we are able to tell the nursery if it is HF&M.

twiglett Thu 19-Feb-04 22:35:45

message withdrawn

popsycal Thu 19-Feb-04 22:48:55

I am with hand, foot and mouth too
not serious but contagious - may get a temp but may not...

popsycal Thu 19-Feb-04 22:50:02

and sorry to add - but nursery won't have him if hand, foot anf mouth - my ds had it in the summer and i was horrified but apparently it is very common and not related to the cow foot and mouth....!!!!

Demented Fri 20-Feb-04 19:16:46

DS1 seems to have a more minor case of it in fact if it hadn't been for DS2 having so many spots I would probably have missed the fact that DS1 has it. Call me a bad Mummy but I haven't taken them to the Dr, I am not too well myself, I've had a heavy cold and my balance is all to pot, I don't think I should be driving and I can't face the 20 min walk to the surgery. I phoned DS1's nursery today and the response was "Oh, I think we've heard of that, are you still bringing him in?" to which I obviously said "No". I presume we just wait for the spots to clear up and they will be no longer infectious?

popsycal Fri 20-Feb-04 19:20:09

yes - if they get a temp then give clapol or whatever. Normally will be quiet well.

I will just fin dyou a link hold on

popsycal Fri 20-Feb-04 19:21:49


suzywong Fri 20-Feb-04 21:37:55

DS1 has just come out of bed saying, another tooth hurts. Sure enough his mouth has blisters.
He's had all the other symptoms, blister on hand, runny nose, no appetite but we didn't put two and two together until this.

So thank you again wise ones

Big shot of calpol coming his way and lots of cuddling

kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 21:52:23

Hope all little blistered folks are ok again!
It goes around in fits and starts the HFM, lady from nursery next door informs me
DD is ok thanks for asking Demented, better one day backwards the next, shes taken quite a hit but is being female and stoic about it !!
Jane xx

Demented Fri 20-Feb-04 22:10:01

Sorry to hear your DS1 has got it now Suzywong. For us it has been a bit of a non-event both boys were a bit feverish at the start of it both nothing major.

Thanks for that link Popsycal. I can see now that DS2 probably gave it to DS1 the day they were examining each others tongues, DS2 was proding his own tongue and then sticking his finger in DS1's mouth and proding his tongue! Tried to stop them but they both thought it was hillarious! According to the link it looks like once they are feeling well they are no longer infectious, problem is that neither of them can tell me how they are feeling, they have both been a bit quieter than normal so I would imagine they are still under the weather. There was me thinking that DS1's behaviour was changing for the better, looks like he was just ill!

I hope your DD is feeling better soon Kiwisbird.

suzywong Fri 20-Feb-04 22:27:18

thanks Demented
I just called my friend whose kids we have spent the day with and she told me that if adults get HF&M it is like the worst kind of flu. She was laid up for 10 days apparently.
Does anyone else have experience of this?

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