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PMT-isnt that meant to be 'Pre' NOT during?

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kizzie Wed 18-Feb-04 21:05:23

Hi everyone.
Didnt really get PMT before children born. Definately worse since but also doesnt seem to lift when period starts. First 2 or 3 days can be just as bad.

Its all a bit complicated at the moment because (sorry to bore you if youve already read my story hundreds of times) I got addicted to an AD which i took for PND and on a reduction prog to get off it.

So - just wondered. Anyone else feel Irritable/anxious/generally s*** during as well as before period.

Oh - and what miracle natural product do you take to make it feel better.


twiglett Wed 18-Feb-04 21:16:45

message withdrawn

Evita Wed 18-Feb-04 21:48:55

Yes, my 'pmt' lasts well into the period and has also been much more intense since dd was born.

red wine. At least 2 glasses.

A massage is nice too.

kizzie Thu 19-Feb-04 09:15:45

My anxiety has got much worse over last 2 days and ended up having major panic attack last night.

I think it is the PMT (Pre/post/during) making it worse.

Davros Thu 19-Feb-04 11:25:16

Yes! I call mine DMT as I don't seem to get PMT at all and nothing before children. Don't take anything really, may try EPO then.

prettycandles Thu 19-Feb-04 21:34:07

I'm so glad to have seen this thread! I feel relieved about myself now.

I used to get PMT before I had children, but it would always pass within a couple of hours of my period starting. Then after ds I didn't get PMT (joy! ) although I did get PND (). Now, after dd, I seem to be getting PMT that, exactly as Kizzie describes, doesn't lift when the period starts but can continue for a couple of days.

Oh I'm relieved that it happens to other women (sorry, but I'm sure you know what I mean). I'd never heard of it or experienced it, and every month I've been terrified that I'm sinking back into PMD.

prettycandles Thu 19-Feb-04 21:35:35

The only thing I ever found helped PMT was VitB6, in fairly large dose, taken every morning for a week before I expected my period to start, until it started. Can't do that now, I think, because I'm breastfeeding.

mushroom Fri 20-Feb-04 22:00:05

I experience awful PND every month, normally several days beforehand and then for most of my period. Everything seems 100 times harder than usual, I don't sleep as well, even though I'm more tired, and I absolutely hate dp. Seriously, sometimes it really gets to me - I turn into this monster and become completely irrational. And then I get a couple of weeks of normality! Any tips for controlling it would be great.

Angelino Fri 20-Feb-04 22:07:24

hello, just adding to your chat about pmt. mine never use to be that bad, but my god, i have turned into satan when it comes to my period. I get really ratty with the hubby, i know im doing it, but cant stop it. sometimes i just wanna sit and bawl!! and then when the period comes, im fine. I have been a lot worse since i had the marina coil fitted

kizzie Sat 21-Feb-04 12:51:09

Thanks so much everyone for responding. Ive had a really terrible few days. As I mentioned its all complicated by AD withdrawal so Im not sure whats that and what is caused by hormones.
Anyway - its helped to see that im not the only one.
Just in case its any help to anyone else - ive read this week about a herb called agnus castus which is bein increasingly recommended for hormone based probs (partic PND). You can get it in health food shops. if you do a search on google you'll see theres been quite a lot of research on it.
I cant take it at moment because of other stuff im taking but hopefully will help some others.

kizzie Sat 21-Feb-04 12:51:31

Sorry - that should have said PMT (not PND)

melsy Sat 21-Feb-04 13:26:38

Afternoon Kizzie , I definately think there is a link between panic attacks and PMT, as I also had a one last night and due on but couple of days late today, (not worried as NOT happening on THAT front, IYKWIM). Like u mine also subsided once came on , but no longer.

Poor u , Did you get over it quickly??

I found a hot bath with ESPA salt & rosemary scrub and fitness oil,expensive, but VERY VERY well worth it,I no longer see it as a treat but something very VERY important for my health.I also do my self hypnosis/breathing thing in the bath. IT is v soothing and gets me off to sleep very relaxed. Just make sure u dont fall asleep in there. make sure u have a some music on as always helps.

melsy Sat 21-Feb-04 13:27:35

I do that in the bath because I also cant take herbal teas(valarian plus) or supplements cos of meds.

noddy5 Sat 21-Feb-04 13:32:22

This is music to my ears.Before ds I didnt have any pmt but now it takes up about 8 days every month before and during my period.Is valerian plus tea helpful?I dont sleep well but it is worse during my period.Magnesium is good but takes a while to work I stopped it and my pmt returned with avengeance so I am back on it but it hasnt kicked in yet

melsy Sat 21-Feb-04 14:00:42

Knocked me sideways but it reacted with my medication for PND. Other than that I would reccomend it for sleeping, add a little honey . Its doctor something in a black & pink box.

juniper68 Sat 21-Feb-04 19:33:14

Hi all,
I get PMT just b4 and during my period. I've started on a multi vit and magnesium with B6 so i'm hoping it works. I've also read about agnus castus but am presently coming of ADs (cipramil) for panic attacks. Just hope they don't come back as they're no joy, my heart goes out to anyone still sufferin xx

kizzie Sun 22-Feb-04 21:44:53

Im really sorry that you're all suffering with this but its so reassuring to see that Im not the only one.
Melsy - think I might get some of that bath oil. was also going to start magnesium as had read about that somewhere else and dont think it is a problem with AD's (on 1/2 dose of prozac at moment in bid to get off seroxat).
Anyway thanks so much everyone for posting on this thread!

motherinferior Mon 23-Feb-04 09:08:09

I nearly crashed the car during my first postnatal period (currently having my second)

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