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Single vacc on NHS? In any circumstances at all? Ever?

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kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 14:44:17

Do they ever provide single vaccines for M M and R on the NHS?
Just curious on IF they ever did or would, what circumstances?
Sorry for yet another vacc thread but a quick yes no will do from anyone in the know!
Much appreciated

Jimjams Wed 18-Feb-04 16:10:39

Have a look at the MMR thread on Special Needs atm. The answer's there!

twiglett Wed 18-Feb-04 17:01:11

message withdrawn

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 20:03:26

Hmm not sure, DS had anaphylactic to MMR, so was advised not to be vacc again with the MMR, in NZ he was permitted single jabs on our health insurance but we are not there
He has had immunity testing and is not immune to measles mumps but is ok for rubella - oddly!
plus dd has measles ATM, prob "handy" really , as she is likely for similar allergic shock to vacc as well ( we are told), so if she has natural immunity then we could single vacc her for mumps and rubella.
Chap from clinic is Winchester who does singles said to approach GP for testing and then GP could within reason permit the single course, most likely for DS who has proven allergic reaction. I am wary of alientating Gp who is excellent as we have special DD with a genetic condition - she needs the close doc parent relationship which thus far has been ace.
So much to worry about, I was planning to leave DS unvacc but really feel that I want him protected if he can be safely.
thanks for the link jj
sorry to prattle on so

Evita Wed 18-Feb-04 21:51:46

No, never, NHS don't keep the single vaccines as far as I know. Kids I've known who had serious reactions to other vaccines just generally don't have MMR IME.

mears Wed 18-Feb-04 22:50:45

Answer is probably no - women who are susceptible to rubella will now get MMR as there is no longer a single vaccine available on NHS.

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 22:58:04

I'm totally happy to pay for both or either, its just chap from single vacc place contacted said it is possible GP could help out on his discretion.
Thanks though I'll prob avoid irritating GP on that basis!
Jane xx

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 22:58:47

I also got rubella shot last year after I had DD? And rubella is single booster anyway?

twiglett Wed 18-Feb-04 22:59:59

message withdrawn

Jimjams Wed 18-Feb-04 23:04:02

kiwisbird. have a chat with your doc. I don't think you'll alienate him. I refuse all vaccinations for my 2 now and have a very good relationship with my GP. He jokes about our different views to me. In fact when I last took ds2 to the docs for a "paranoid mother moment" (my description- weird bony lump on his chest" he said "ho ho you know this is becuase you refused MMR" to which I replied "if he'd had the MMR he'd be sitting in a corner rockming". Oh ho we laughed No seriously though, I've been through several doctors refusing to vaccinate (due to house moves) and they've all been very good. So do raise it wiith him. Your concerns sound very genuine to me.

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 23:06:46

Phew! I'm not usual paranoid mother type that Doctors dread honest
Right steeled up will ask next time round, he's coming to check DD's measles tomorrow

mears Wed 18-Feb-04 23:07:49

kiwisbird - yes you would have got a single shot last year but now women are to get MMR instead as single vaccine is no longer being supplied to NHS.

kiwisbird Wed 18-Feb-04 23:16:52

Would like to see them try and give it me, I've had 4 boosters yet fail to be immune via bloodtests - jeez is my entire family allergic to vaccines or what? What about boosters for school aged kids? Seems bizarre that my son can;t have on the NHS a rubella single vacc which IMVVVVHO is one of the most dangerous of the MMR component illnesses. I see this leading to lawsuit after lawsuit in ten yrs time.
No way would I accept that, they actually got VERY bolshy about letting me out of hosp after delivering my dd (in 34 mins ready to go home after 2 hrs) they kept me in until I gave in.
Bloody angry... Refusing ALL bloods next time.. Or emigrating first!
Sorry I'm off on one now LOL

mears Wed 18-Feb-04 23:19:43

Read about it here

kiwisbird Thu 19-Feb-04 10:27:18

Interesting stuff, watch the levels of rubella go up as people refuse the MMR as alternative, thats my suspicion anyway.
Back off to normal planet work again now
Thanks for all the info everyone!
xx J

twiglett Thu 19-Feb-04 10:28:18

message withdrawn

Jimjams Thu 19-Feb-04 12:11:25

round and around and around and around.....

kiwisbird Thu 19-Feb-04 19:32:57


robinw Fri 20-Feb-04 06:39:52

message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 20-Feb-04 08:01:15

spin kiwisbird

and if you go to the Lancet Volume 363, Number 9408     14 February 2004 and read "MMR and autism the debate continues" you will find that it isn't quite so clear cut at all.

Robinw's papaer is yet another population study which means that it tells you that MMR is safe for the majority of children. Big wow - no-one is saying it isn't- we all know that.

kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 08:26:38

Spin? Now I'm lost
Will speak to GP, have had info for single vacc through for DS who def cannot have MMR. This looks straightforward as he has already been immuno tested.
DD well she has her swab next week to confirm she has had measles if she has had it then she will have single vacc for her other too. Risk of reaction being too high for me, I never want to go through that again, seeing your baby on CTG is too much. Also as I reacted to the vacc as did my younger brother, I am def not a candidate for a MMR. Am happy to pay for my opinion and belief though
In principle I am happy with MMR in a general sense. And it sounds like I'm being a bit NIMBY ish I guess, not my intention
I don't have any political or debate agendas, was a simple question with regard to my particular situation, have had some great info thanks!!!
I forget what a contentious issue this can all be!

Jimjams Fri 20-Feb-04 10:18:19

govt spin kiwisbird. Are you recently in the UK from NZ. The current govt is famous for its "spin" - its a word that follows the administration around.

The BBC article says that supplies of the single vax have run out. How on earth have they run out if the single vaccine companies can still get hold of it?

Pity they haven't run out of the thimerosil containing dtp's which manufacturers are being allowed to use up there (unlimited?) stocks. They seem to have been using up their stocks for about 2 years now. Yep I have a very autistic little boy this week and bitter I certainly am.

kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 11:27:49

Yes recent, can you tell LOL
I am awfully sorry to hear that you have such real reason to be bitter - it must really test your heart and head out at times.
Thanks for all the info that you give out, it obviously means a lot to you

Jimjams Fri 20-Feb-04 11:58:08

lol kiwisbird- listen out for spin commments they're all the time

FWIW as far as autism goes I don't really think MMR is a particularly huge issue. I think the numbers of children who have been pushed into autism by MMR are probably small, but that doesn't stop each one being a tragedy. The way the parents of these damaged children are treated is an absolute disgrace (I'm not one of them my son wasn't MMR damaged). My own personal view is that thimerosil is a far bigger problem. Unfortunately no-one in power is interested in finding out how big a problem these things are, or how many people are affected. The whole way the govt deals with potential vaccine problems (head in the sand- if we ignore everyone and make it impossible for people to get single vax then they'll all be forced into it) then makes it difficult for people like yourself with absolute understandable, genuine concerns completely unrelated to autism to get the single jabs they need.

Makes me so cross!

kiwisbird Fri 20-Feb-04 21:33:40

Well I spoke to GP today (he came to me due to measles at home yaday yada)
He repeated NHS line of MMR being safe yada yada
I asked if his kids had it?
No!! His wife took them to Austria? And they had single jabs there!
He said he'll help me as far as his capacity can
certainly my son qualifies on that there is no doubt.
I never cared about this before DD had measles, I was just sailing through thinking look at that jolly debate over there, lets ignore it, it does not concern us...
Had a look at some pages via google of Thimerosil, interesting reading.
Good luck in your search too

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