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Mouth ulcers - TMI

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KatyMac Wed 02-Oct-13 09:30:19

I have 3 largish mouth ulcers on the side of my tongue (2 visible & 1 further back)

I can't talk or swallow; as it is so painful

I can't even swallow my saliva & I can't spit it out either

I am so, so miserable; the GP would laugh though wouldn't they? The dentist has told me there is nothing that can be prescribed sad

Orchidlady Wed 02-Oct-13 10:12:31

Why would you GP laugh? Have you just had some dental work done. I has terrible problems after I spent a long time in the Dentist chair. Would recommend a good pain killer and but some adult equivalent of bonjella, you can but in any pharmacy and sort of puts a seal over over the ulcers, actually works

CMOTDibbler Wed 02-Oct-13 10:15:13

Theres plenty that can be prescribed to help, though the starting point is Corsodyl mouthwash and bonjela. Go to the GP

My dad has huge and horrible mouth ulcers due to an autoimmune condition, and managing them is taken very seriously with a variety of drugs

greenhill Wed 02-Oct-13 10:24:29

Corsodyl mouthwash and taking a vitamin supplement with plenty of the B's in it really helps.

KatyMac Wed 02-Oct-13 10:26:55

I can't use corsodyl

I used to have Corlan or Corsadyl but they don't do them any more - this is the worst attack in ages

I'm off work

Wishihadabs Wed 02-Oct-13 10:31:10

I realy don't think your GP will laugh. Have you always had them or is this new ? It can be a sign of something more serious so please do get it checked out. My Dm 's dentist said it could be a sign of anaemia, so iron supplements might help. Agree with B vits as well.

kelda Wed 02-Oct-13 10:32:18

The doctor won't laugh at all.

You have to get it checked out. They could be caused by a virus.

timetosmile Wed 02-Oct-13 10:33:17

Gargle slightly salty water and also get the GP to have a look. Sometimes it can be a sign of a more widespread illness especially if you are prone to upset tummies too. Or associated with longterm medication you might be on.
You wouldn't get laughed at.

Orchidlady Wed 02-Oct-13 10:35:54

Why can't you use Corsodyl? can you explain whether is is due to going to the dentist or regular thing. Have you some adult bonjella?

blue2 Wed 02-Oct-13 10:37:57

I get mouth ulcers on my tongue when I've eaten something I'm allergic to. Check that its not something you've eaten.

I find dissolving an aspirin in a small glass and rinsing it around my mouth and then swallowing it helps. (Check you can take aspirin first, obv.)

Make appt with GP, too.

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 02-Oct-13 10:43:45

Peroxyl would be much more useful than corsodyl

LegoCaltrops Wed 02-Oct-13 10:44:46

Have you tried Oraldene mouthwash? I get awful attacks of ulcers, I will often have up to 8 at once so I totally understand your problem. Oraldene has been really helpful. It can really mess with your sense of taste while you are using it, but it works. Boots stock it, and other pharmacies.

KatyMac Wed 02-Oct-13 11:02:52

Sorry I used to get adcortol not corsadyl

I've getting recurrent mouth ulcers since my teens but I'm having a bad attack these last few months

Both my dentist & my old GP advised against corsodyl mouthwash as in some cases it makes the ulcers worse (which is what my dentist decided when I had a series of appointments with him)

My new GP says 'oh yes you have an ulcer' each time I mention them 'that is a nasty one it will get better' was the last comment & of course it does

My mouth is getting scarred now

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 02-Oct-13 11:04:29

Yes I'm a dentist and would advise against you using corsodyl.

I would go back to your dentist and see if they can refer you to oral med.

CMOTDibbler Wed 02-Oct-13 11:09:39

I can't remember KatyMac, but have you had negative tests for coeliac disease? I remember that you've not been well for ages.

I only say as I always had a mouth ulcer from my teens until I was diagnosed with CD and then in the last 15 years I've had maybe 2.
Dads ulcers (he has pemphigus vulgaris) last for many weeks and are huge, rather than mine which were normal sized and healed ok, but were just very frequent

KatyMac Wed 02-Oct-13 11:33:19

I have both the blood test & the biopsy & I'm negative but I may try it anyway

I'm so miserable - I can't beleive I'm off work with a mouth ulcer

greenhill Wed 02-Oct-13 13:22:33

You have my sympathy, they can be very painful sad unless people have experienced it they wouldn't realise how awful they are.

I once had an attack of mouth ulcers that completely lined the inside of my mouth, my gums, my cheeks and were on my tongue. I could barely eat or drink for days. Unfortunately the steroid paste the doctor prescribed is no longer available sad.

valiumredhead Wed 02-Oct-13 13:28:13

Gave you spoken to the pharmacist? There are done really nice feels which help loads. Boots do one called Sore Mouth Gel and it's fantastic ime.

My experience of cordysol had been really good too.

valiumredhead Wed 02-Oct-13 13:28:50

Sorry, typos! I'm on my phoneblush

IHeartKingThistle Wed 02-Oct-13 13:32:44

I find vitamin B helps with prevention.

Ulcers are awful.

spiderlight Wed 02-Oct-13 13:46:10

I have ulcerative colitis and I get the most horrific mouth ulcers. Putting an aspirin tablet on them and letting it slowly dissolve helps me - it takes about twenty minutes to soak in and start working but then it numbs them for several hours. Or the GP/pharmacist can give you tiny little steroid lozenges if they're really bad - apparently they are called Corlan pellets or Betnesol. I hope you find something to help - they are miserable sad

KatyMac Wed 02-Oct-13 15:44:26

Thanks Guys, I'm using co-codamol to get me through the main bits of the day; but I keep gagging on the back one sad

I have hardly spoken all day

KatyMac Wed 02-Oct-13 16:08:30

I'm waiting to speak to the GP

I have cycstitis & was prescribed trimethoprim & that can have side effects

Charlottehere Wed 02-Oct-13 16:12:14

I went see the go for the same thing this morning. I am now on abs and mouthwash. You have my sympathy, it's hell.

valiumredhead Wed 02-Oct-13 16:12:39

Would sucking zinc tablets work like they do when you have a sore throat?

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