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M.E does anyone have this condition or know anything about it?

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Dreams Tue 17-Feb-04 21:18:49

I was just wondering if there was anyone out there that has M.E or if anyone knows anything about it and if it is curable? Advice needed please!

twiglett Tue 17-Feb-04 21:27:14

message withdrawn

Dmum Tue 17-Feb-04 21:40:37

I had ME a few years ago. I'd had a run of bad colds, tummy bugs, sore throats and was quite stressed at work. I ended up with that I thought was bad flu - sore throat, aching muscles, extreme tiredness (I could easily sleep 12-15 hours a day!) I never felt refreshed. This carried on for a few months and eventually I was referred to a specialist who diagnosed ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). As well as the symptoms above, I also had very cold hands and feet all the time and memory problems. I was too ill to work for around 7 months and then returned to work part-time for a couple of months, then went full time again. I took evening primrose oil, fish oil and cut as much processed food out of my diet as possible. I also did a graduated exercise programme every day. This started with a walk to the end of the street (about 50 metres) and I gradually built up how much I could do. (I was quite fit before the ME.) There are loads of websites with info on ME if you do a search.

KatieMac Wed 18-Feb-04 20:08:56

I was dianosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) in Jan 95. I had a very high temp (a virus) for 36 hrs in Sept 94 and just didn't pick up, I had achy bones, distraction and lack of concentration, I slept for up to 16+ hrs a day and never felt relaxed or refreshed. i had problems with my vision and walked with sticks for over a year after spending 4 months bedridden - I can remember Dh carrying me to the loo and less than a year later taking over 5 hrs to clean the bathroom!! This doesn't really explain the drained hopeless state I was in. I suffered "ME Shoulder" this is when I consistantly misjudged doorways and spaces etc and walked into door jambs.
I used chinese herbal mendicine which really helped - but I stopped taking it to get pregnant, and even now I don't feel as good as I did pre ME. I was very active and had just started training for competitive dancing, Until just recently I still got very ill after any virus and have long term muscle tone problems. I still have a nap afterlunch 2-3 times a week.
ME and IBS are often interconnected and I try not to eat to many additive (chemicals)and avoid Artificial Sweetners like the plague - they affect me so badly.
Currently having Reflexology and wished I had found this sooner

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