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Really painful, heavy periods - what do you use to ease them?

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sparkler1 Wed 21-Jun-06 16:08:40

I'm really interested to find out what people use for really painful, heavy periods. I used to suffer terribly as a teen. Extreme lower abdominal pains, pains down front of legs and really heavy bleeding. I also to feel faint at times and, although it never happened, it came very close to happening. I went on the pill at about the age of 16 and this eased the pain enormously and I have had practically no problems at all until now.
I stopped taking the pill just before christmas, GP recommended as I'd been on it for 17 years. Each month since then I've been suffering gradually more and more. That time of the month has come again and I feel terrible again. Really heavy, bad pains in stomach and legs again. I went into town and came over faint in one of the shops.

In a recent Avon catalogue there was a product that worked by magnetism. I think you clip it onto your underwear. Costs about £15 I think. Wasn't sure whether to buy it or not in case it wasn't much good. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of it.

All I take at the moment is paracetamol. I'd be really interested to hear if anyone has some recommendations/tips please.

FioFio Wed 21-Jun-06 16:10:36

Message withdrawn

rabbitrabbit Wed 21-Jun-06 16:17:23

Hello, am unsure if you believe in homeopathy and its effectiveness but I've used the remedy Sepia in the past and its certainly worked for me.
I had extremely heavy and painful periods and it really helped.
Thought I'd mention it incase its of interest

Aimsmum Wed 21-Jun-06 16:20:50

Message withdrawn

sparkler1 Wed 21-Jun-06 16:22:27

rabbitrabbit - I'm happy to try anything. I do have a wheaty bag which I heat up in the microwave and put on my tum. That really helps. Not very useful for going out and about though.

sugarfree Wed 21-Jun-06 16:23:40

Get yourself to the GP.No need to put up with it.
I used to take Tranexamic acid and Mefanamic acid which helped to a degree but ended up with an endometrial resection.(not nearly as bad as it sounds.)
Def try the drugs above though.

Piffle Wed 21-Jun-06 16:24:50

mefanemic acid or ponstan I used it for bad periods when I was in my 20's I also used the pill to control my periods.

nutcracker Wed 21-Jun-06 16:25:30

I have just started taking Mefanamic acid (ponstan) and it has really helped. It didn't get rid of the pain completely but I was able to go out and about which I couldn't do without it as i'd be in a heap on the floor.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 21-Jun-06 16:30:52


It is certainly in your interests to find out why you are suffering as you are. I would speak to your GP about this problem asap and ask to be referred to a gynae for further evaluation (do not take no for an answer!!).

There is often an underlying cause for this type of problem and TBH the first thing I thought of when reading your message was endometriosis. The description of your pain in particular was very telling of endometriosis (as a fellow sufferer I've had severe pains down the legs and have felt faint) but you first and foremost need a proper diagnosis (hence the advice to see a gynae).

Have heard lots about the magnets and some have reported benefits whilst others have not. I've used a hot water bottle and painkillers in the past to deal with the pain to varying degrees of success.

Chloe55 Wed 21-Jun-06 16:31:33

I had acupuncture at one point for painful, heavy periods. It did work imo.

That avon thing you are on about is called Ladycare, I have never used it before but am a representative, if you want me to order you one I can and then post it on for you - that is if you don't know anyone doing avon.

foxinsocks Wed 21-Jun-06 16:32:51

I take nurofen and buscopan for the cramps

tranxaemic acid can help with the bleeding

it is worth going to the GP but have to say, mine were not much help at all (they may recommend mirena for you as it can help with heavy periods)

mcmudda Wed 21-Jun-06 16:33:11

Evening primrose oil daily and a prescription of Ponstan worked for me for a while (late teens). I found Ponstan made me a bit "high" and silly though so I switched to Ibuprofen 500mg which was ok, but it never lasted for the 4 hourly intervals I had to wait between doses so was always bedridden anyway for 3 days. Drink loads of water in the run up to your period and eat loads of fruit and veg. Also no alcohol or caffeine in the days before - that makes a huge difference for me, although that PMT chocolate craving is hard to resist.

I did faint a few times - once in the university library toilets. I came to, to find a librarian asking "What have you taken?' thinking I was a junkie student - she really didn't believe that it was "just" a period. I also passed out on a geography field trip in Brittany and had to persuade my elderly lecturer and a French GP that I really didn't want an ambulance called - vvvvvvv humiliating.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 21-Jun-06 16:33:35

I would say that transexamic acid and/or mefanemic acid are often given to women with endometriosis. Both have varying degrees of success in women but I would strongly urge you to get a gynae referral in any event.

KTeePee Wed 21-Jun-06 16:43:38

According to my GP the Mirena Coil can make your periods very light - but as previous threads will show, it doesn't suit everyone, but might be worth trying (if there are no underlying problems that is)

KTeePee Wed 21-Jun-06 16:44:30

Oops didn't notice foxinsocks had alrwady recommended this

grumpyfrumpy Wed 21-Jun-06 17:01:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snuffy143 Wed 21-Jun-06 17:39:35

I had exactly the same problem after DS (now 4). Periods would put me in bed for 2 days and off work for 3/4. Really awful. Went to docs for a referral to a gynaecologist. He was brilliant. I expected a hysterectomy to be the only solution (was very ignorant!) but gutted at the prospect cos am only 34. Instead he offered me an endometrial ablation and I had it last May. No more periods at all but all parts and hormones still present!! Only ok if you are done with children cos it leaves the endometrial lining unable to sustain a pregnancy. I had cramping for 24 hours after the op and was absolutely fine and back at work after 3 days! It's a miracle! Periods are a mere memory!!

TuttiFrutti Thu 22-Jun-06 09:45:08

I went to see a nutritionist for treatment for my fibroids, changed my diet, and my periods got much lighter and less painful as a result. I had always had very heavy periods with lots of abdominal pain, but didn't realise till my ds was born that this was due to fibroids.

The advice for me might not suit another person, but I was told to eat masses of beans and pulses (one portion a day at least) and lots of brown rice, among other things.

Gemmitygem Thu 22-Jun-06 10:26:57

really sympathise, sparkler, as had the same.

ponstan worked a bit. evening primrose (lots of) in the days leading up, plus plenty of water to drink in the days leading up and during. exercise helped as well.

For the actual pain, I found squatting against a very hot radiator or pressing a very hot hot water bottle into small of back (or one at back and one on tummy), helped, but radiator was the best (almost too hot to bear).

TBH, I think you need to weigh the risks of long term Pill use with your quality of life having normal periods: perhaps you could take the mini pill or a very low dose one. My doctor told me that all in all the pill can actually be better for you than monthly periods, as in 'nature' we'd be pregnant a lot and wouldn't have constant monthly bleeding, and that it can actually cause problems, including endometriosis..

anyway I hope you find some solutions and do really sympathise!

Gloworm Thu 22-Jun-06 10:46:51

Agnus Castus is a herbal remedy which helps with all sorts PMT symptoms. it takes about 3 months before it starts to work though. I have found it fantastic and swear by it. We've had lots of positive feedback in our health shop. it doesnt work for everyone, but its worth a try.
Works on bloating, pain, cramps, mood swings, that "I'm going to kill someone" feeling
not sure about the heavy period side of things, i'll look into it.

make sure you get a decent brand, you're not going to get the same results with something that cost £1.99 in holland and barrett!

and dont use it if you are on the pill/mirena coil/anything hormonal.

Gloworm Thu 22-Jun-06 10:56:52

I've just checked, and agnus castus DOES help with the heavy perios side of things, it takes several months to work though.

in the meantime it will help with pain and other symptoms in 1 to 3 months time.

pashmina Thu 22-Jun-06 11:52:23

get a mirena coil - I have'nt had a period in over 2 years!! bliss.

you still get occassional cramps and a bit of pmt but as long as you have some pateince whilst it settles down (no more than 6 months)it is woprth it imo.

MrsBigD Thu 22-Jun-06 12:34:40

sparkler1, I am a 'sufferer' too and sympathise extremely. I used to have heavy bleeds, horrid stomach cramps with pains shooting everywhere and just wanting to curl up and die. Since having had kids the pain has sort of altered as it now mainly seems to focus along the scar and the small of my back radiating so badly that sometimes I can't walk.

I used to take nurofen plus or feminax but now they make me woozy due to the pseudo codein in them and am stuck with normal nurofen (but I take 800mg a pop!) in combination with paracetamol (panadol extra). Also have one of those cherry kernel bags and a little heat pad for the bed which is bliss. I'm also doping up on evening primrose and starflower oil and a friend of mine recommended agnus castus extract but I haven't gotten round to trying that yet.

If you haven't been to see a gyn I'd recommend you do, just in case you have an infection, endimitriosis or the like. If you do I hope you're more successful than I was...

I went to see Gyno to find out if there's any underlying problem like endomitriosis or the like but they can't find anything and have no idea what to suggest besides some various drugs with horrible side effects. I don't want to go back on the pill as most types I've tried in teh past haven't agreed with me.

foxinsocks... buscopan? do they actually sell that in the UK?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 22-Jun-06 12:55:40

Buscopan tablets were discontinued by their makers in 2005.

Endometriosis is often only diagnosed through a keyhole surgery operation called a laparoscopy. Blood tests and ultrasound scans will not detect any endometrical deposits.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 22-Jun-06 12:58:55

Mrs BigD

I'd seek a second opinion if I were you. Something is amiss here.

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