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Tamoxifen bus shelter -42

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Gigondas Mon 09-Sep-13 22:00:45

Dragging trolley onto new thread.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 01-Oct-13 08:24:53

ooer- thread is running out,so push the trolley over here

malteserzz Tue 01-Oct-13 08:24:09

Ruby it's not surprising you feel a bit lost it's a huge change for you, hope you have some nice flat mates ? Take small steps to settling in and give it time

Jchoc I've got 1 off school and 1 who's had to go so he's been moaning all morning ! Dd going out for lunch with a big group of her friends, after a big lie in of course

I've got a gp appointment at 9, now I'm thinking maybe it's nothing and I should just put up with it but will see what they say.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 01-Oct-13 08:22:17

good morning ! apologies for absence,just busy and doing stuff -fidn't mean to abandonm you all.
Hooray for clear ct ~really and loads of good thoughts for op today.
Waves to everyone else as can't catch up -but will go and read the JS things- I think she is a bit snotty-just remembering her coming into Richmond Waterstone's and being so,when I worked there. hnd your experience of bc,particularly the horrors you've been through with surgery are every bit as valid as anyone else's-cancer is cancer,whatever type. Am guessing she's saying it's not such a big deal `? hmm.
Am feeling better today - had been feeling pretty weedy and unwell but seem to have perked up. Swimming later - need to get serious as have signed up for 5k swimathon in March shock
gig I second of third Suffolk Tesco - Walberswick or southwold (am not keen on Aldeburghthough it has lots of shops and cafes and whatnot-and a cinema- seems a bit up itself and dh and I always seem to get cross there) Southwold has much more charm. And I do love Dorset !

jchocchip Tue 01-Oct-13 08:17:40

Did manage to get a.couple more houra and on bus to work now so a bit earlier than recently. Ruby its not surprising after the year you've had that you feel homesick, keep doing the yoga and once your course is underway you will feel better. Gigs [green] of your tesco trip. I could do with a break from work now its autumn.
Will put a brew on when I get to work. Dd2's school is on strike so I shouldn't have given her an alarm call!

kitkat1967 Tue 01-Oct-13 07:23:47

Ruby - I'm not surprised you feel lost & are having a wobble - you have been through so much plus now leaving home. Hang in there and make sure you get as much support as you can.

Malt - this is very unlike you!! - you are usually super chemo woman - hopefully you GP can sort you out.

I have my last "pump up' this evening - good job as I look like a lopsided body builder at the moment - surely cannot get much bigger! Then tomorrow have my first Paclitaxel - will be a big countdown as it is number 1 of 9!

And finally good luck to Really

Gigondas Tue 01-Oct-13 07:20:18

Hope it sorts it out quickly as that's last thing you need malt.

malteserzz Tue 01-Oct-13 07:03:30

Have rang the chemo helpline and she's advised me to go to my gp and get some anti fungal tablets so I'll do that this morning

malteserzz Tue 01-Oct-13 06:46:23

Morning all

Good luck really you'll be finesmile will be thinking of you x

Gigs and Jchoc boo to sore arms and shoulders
Morning Betsy

Still got vile taste in my mouth and my tongue has this yellow coating, is this thrush and do I need to get something for it or will it just go in a few days do you think ? Always get the funny taste but I'm not sure about the tongue !

Gigondas Tue 01-Oct-13 06:10:08

Lots of luck really. I hear you betsey about 5am waking (no mini gig today so just me). I woke up in pain as rolled onto bad arm . How can I stop myself doing this?

Thanks for fab holiday tips. We decided to spend while time in Paris tesco and make most of that so will be planning lots of trips. Big gig getting into museums so should be fun.

Kurri and pigeons - nodded to your posts on JS. Cancer changes your perspective and sense of self. There is no point pretending it doesn't.

BetsyBoop Tue 01-Oct-13 05:16:05

Good luck really

why do I wake at 5 a bloody clock every morning!

reallyreallyworried Tue 01-Oct-13 05:00:15

Thanks jchoc and amber I've had forty winks here and there! But basically still awake! Probably go off soundly now and then be woken by my alarm!

Oh well the sooner the day is over the better.

Hope your shoulder feels better soon jchoc winethanks xx

amberlight Tue 01-Oct-13 04:04:18

really, good luck!
Jchoc, painful shoulder not good. Hope you both got more sleep.

jchocchip Tue 01-Oct-13 03:48:04

Hope you got back to sleep really yay for ct results and all the best for later. I can't sleep either, think I'm not exercising enough and my shoulder is painful.
Waves to everyone! Going to try and get back to sleep now.

reallyreallyworried Tue 01-Oct-13 02:18:40

So I'm still awake sad I just can't settle tonight!

I'm getting more and more nervous about the surgery, and the drain, and the 'what ifs' all those stupid thoughts that pop in to your head, and worry you!

Anyway I should try and sleep again! If I don't get chance to come on here again, in the morning. Hope everyone has a great couple of days and I will hopefully catch up with you all, again soon.

Take care xxxx

HerNextDoorAt21 Mon 30-Sep-13 23:42:58

Thanks for the supportive messages and yes amber we need a cyber get together. Today has been different again. The kids have been fine and my lunch was lovely. Have managed a fees hours peace tonight too as Dh is on his last night shift.

Some great news here today ..... Makes me smile smile

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Mon 30-Sep-13 22:53:25

Hello all

I've caught up with all your posts but no hope of remembering enough to reply to them all! Even though I haven't posted for a while I've been thinking of you all.

I've moved into my flat in halls. I'm incredibly homesick as I've barely spent a day apart from my parents in over six months (my dad works from home so I've been with him every day). I also feel completely lost and I just don't really know where to start with getting my life back! I did go to a yoga class today though so that's a positive step smile

really all the best for your op tomorrow! Understandable to be scared but it'll all be okay. Good news about CT. Chemo is doable, it'll go quite quickly smile

Mom I'd wait and see how you feel/how your white count is as you may be able to carry on your group smile my onc had a massive bee in his bonnet as a lot of the immune advice is not based on latest evidence - basically he said I'd be perfectly fine to commute to work (train then Tube) which nurse had said no to, and could go to crowded rock concerts if I wanted. As it happened I was too ill to consider doing either but the option was there! grin hospitals are one of the germiest places so if it was that bad they wouldn't treat cancer patients in them, he said.

kitkat if you're looking for a water park, Atlantic Toboggan in the Vendée is very good apparently. We stayed nearby but my mum wouldn't let us go as it was during a heat wave and we are very fair skinned! But the area is lovely, if a little touristy, lots to do and big sandy beaches. I'm hoping to return one day when I'm up to going down water slides again grin we stayed on a campsite with a mini water park.

HND sounds incredibly difficult, hopefully amber can gie some insight. And hopefully things will improve as younger DS gets older and can understand what's going on better. In the meantime big hugs and plenty of wine for you x

amber looks to be having an amazing time! And a well-deserved break smile

nj angry at bank. I hope they get it all sorted soon. You'd think that would be a fairly common thing for people to do and that they should allow it and do it quickly. Almost makes me glad that I will never be allowed a mortgage! smile

gracie I'm so pleased the MRI was clear, fingers crossed for the blood tests too smile I don't blame you for being upset!

I'd better leave it there as this has taken me half an hour to type! Best wishes to all of you especially those having treatment or having a wobble. Goodnight xx

MomOfTwoGirls2 Mon 30-Sep-13 22:00:09

Good to hear I will probably be able to keep up my walks. I'll rethink the music session on my second week. 30 adults jam packed into a classroom in winter time, with heating on and no air circulation is probably a breeding room for all sorts of things. I'll probably limit it to my good week until chemo is over.

KurriKurri Mon 30-Sep-13 21:42:07

That great news Really - very pleased for you smile - and yes chemo does take a few months but you won't feel lousy for every day of that - after your first one you'll have a better idea of how you will react, when your good and bad days will be etc, so you can plan round it a bit.

NJ - fingers crossed for good news on the mortgage front.

malt - sympathy for horrid taste - that was one of the things I especially hated - I couldn't enjoy a cup of tea as it tasted so vile!

Our new car won't be ready until Thursday or Friday - which is a bit poo.

DH's birthday soon - I have no idea what to get him, - what do you get the man who has no interests who has everything? grin

malteserzz Mon 30-Sep-13 21:31:49

Great news reallysmile

NotJ I'm pleased you're feeling better but sorry you're still having problems with the mortgage

Hope everyone's having a good evening x

malteserzz Mon 30-Sep-13 21:24:46

Betsy my legs are less achy but got a furry tongue and horrible taste in my mouth, had this on fec too so hoping it doesn't last too long. Really tired too have had 2 naps today. You know what I'm like I'm waiting to see what else happens ! Not been out today but I will go and visit mum and dad tomorrow if I feel ok
Glad to hear you are ok and yay for tidy house now it's just keeping it like that grin

BetsyBoop Mon 30-Sep-13 21:16:39

really that's great news smile

notj glad you are starting to feel better back on your meds

malt - how are you doing now?

smee - you are right I probably don't have to go back to work during rads. Just partly me yearning to be "normal" again and partly worrying about my job. I only started there in Sept 12 and my current contract (after two extensions already) is until end March 14. I have a possibly irrational fear that they won't extend my contract further, so want a chance to remind them how fabulous I am grin before my contract runs out.

<waves> to everyone else

Just checking in after a mad day blitzing the house as I actually had some energy today. smile Feeling very tired now, so think I might have overdone it a lot bit. Still at least the house is starting to look like someone owns it again....

notJenkins Mon 30-Sep-13 20:28:05

Good evening from me.

Fantastic news really I am so pleased for you.

gigs Dorset Dorset Dorset we could have a mini tamoxigang piss meet up and I may know where you could get a beach hut mates rates.

I am feeling like the dark cloud is lifting and my body is actually working again. It is so weird knowing you are mentally affected by something so much but can't do anything about it. Thanks for the support again. I had forgotten, however, that my menstrual cycle gets all excited when I go back on my meds so I am very spotty and having a period from hell with back ache.

Still no news on the mortgage, they keep saying 24 hours but they obviously have a very slow clock.

greeneyedcat Mon 30-Sep-13 20:13:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kitkat1967 Mon 30-Sep-13 19:25:20

and I forgot say - what suprised me is that the onc decides on the Rads and hormone therapy so once you see them you'll find out loads more about the treatment plan.

kitkat1967 Mon 30-Sep-13 19:22:50

well done Really - that is fantastic news. I know when I was waiting for CT results that was the biggest hurdle for me - you can really move forward now.

The fact that it is Grade 1 is good news - that means it is slow growing rather than it was caught early though (or so I think).

Yes, chemo does drag on but loads of the ladies here are so close to finishing now so you'll get there. After your surgery you'll get an onc appt and he/she will give you all the chemo information.

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