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Tamoxifen bus shelter -42

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Gigondas Mon 09-Sep-13 22:00:45

Dragging trolley onto new thread.

KurriKurri Mon 09-Sep-13 22:13:33

<Plonks slightly chewed croissants on trolley> I also have viennese whirls and almond slices on offer.

NJ sorry you are having problems with your skin, - flexitol is supposed to be good for cracked skin - I have used the flexitol foot stuff for cracks to good effect and they do a hand one as well (although I imagine the foot stuff would work on hands too). I would try some moisturizing hand wash as well - like E45 or something. I also use Eucarin cream/lotion for dermatitis/eczema -it might help with cracked hands too.

topsyturner Mon 09-Sep-13 22:16:57

<drags my delicate , Princess And The Pea (thanks Gigs) into new thread>

Oooh croissants ignores Old Lady Dog teeth marks

notJenkins Mon 09-Sep-13 22:19:49

Marking my place.

I will try flexitol on my cracks thanks kk

can I apologise in advance as I have just taken my last tablet for 16 days and I will be a miserable wreck for the next few weeks. As well as being physically crap I may go a bit mentally odd too so feel free to ignore me.

I am still amazed after funding out kk and I went to the same school. Small world.

topsyturner Mon 09-Sep-13 22:25:50

Ach nj , you can be as miserable as you want to on here !

I'm constantly amazed by the coincidences I discover in life .
(Amazed by the fact that KK actually went to school ..... grin )

notJenkins Mon 09-Sep-13 22:27:37

And I will be on a low iodine diet so don't go tempting me with your iodine laden snacks now ........

KurriKurri Mon 09-Sep-13 22:35:06

<beats topsy with a wet fish> - of course I went to skool grin

Yes NJ and I have reminisced about a particular pervy teacher trying to look up our skirts grin

<hugs> for crapness to come NJ, hope you don't feel too lousy.

amberlight Mon 09-Sep-13 22:37:56

<picks her way between discarded wet fish and peas> Ha, nice new thread!

NJ, fear ye not; they've put up with me for years and I can't even blame drug stoppages blush. Hope it's better than you fear.

Gigondas Mon 09-Sep-13 22:52:10

Least you have an excuse Nj. I can get the hump for no good Reason.

I need to hear more about pervy teacher. Is it like b,one at our school who invited girls to sultan and harem parties ?

Not hopeful about my bedtime getting earlier so may have to go get a snack.

foofooyeah Mon 09-Sep-13 23:38:57

just marking place ... to drunk to post much else, n=must go tobed

Shootingatpigeons Mon 09-Sep-13 23:56:16

I just did a long post on the other side.................... ok quick catch up. My undercarriage is twisted, Mary Rose is dead good. We only had in the whole of our girls' school one weirdy male teacher who made us draw picture of sheep's skulls all the time, he still managed to find a sixth former to run off with confused

jchocchip Tue 10-Sep-13 06:54:58

Marking place smile. Got to go to work sad

Gigondas Tue 10-Sep-13 06:56:11

Saw your post pigeons-am grin at big pigeon not stinking. But surprised Elton John no good as I liked him when I saw him love (goes under my general heading of older acts being better live).

It's a brew day here- bad night sleep not helped by fact I keep rolling on my sore arm in my sleep. Mr gigs has threatened to tie me up in my sleep to stop that.

But got some woo lined up today- acupuncture and reflexology so I will be all calm and new age later.

Gigondas Tue 10-Sep-13 06:56:27

Morning jchoc

jchocchip Tue 10-Sep-13 07:00:54

Morning gigs! Enjoy your woo smile

malteserzz Tue 10-Sep-13 07:21:52

Morning all
Didn't slept very well so planning on doing sod all today, judging on last cycles today till Thursday will be when I'm feeling most rough. Might even get some downton watched later
Kids both at after school things today so once they've gone I have peace till 430 ! Hopefully !
Hope everyone has a good daysmile

reallyreallyworried Tue 10-Sep-13 07:57:54

Morning all,

Sorry to hear a few of you had a rough night. Hope you get to rest today.

I finally managed to sleep right through smile although I'm in a bit of pain under my arm today! But I hope that just means that things are healing.

I had a text from my bosses yesterday, it made me cry! They have been so amazingly supportive, and caring. As have some of my nanny friends. Really am looking forward to getting back to work, and to lots of hugs and kisses from my little 'trouble makers' grin

Wanted to say thanks for the 'hug' Kurri it was very much needed and appreciated. I didn't realise how hard dealing with all these different feelings would be. You have all shown me so much kindness, and I hope that as I go through my journey, I will eventually be able to help others through theirs!

Hope you all have a good day! Wishing relaxing thoughts to all those who need them today! Hope the non sleepers manage to rest today.


MaryAnnSingleton Tue 10-Sep-13 07:59:27

ooh,new thread-well done gig - enjoy your woo treatments !
husky good luck with first day
nj the Neutrogena is working for me quite well now (the comfort balm is nice) and I use Waitrose baby bottom butter on my feet as they are v dry. I have Aveeno and Diprobase on prescription but they don't really work and the diprobase stuff smells of hospitals.
Am meeting a facebook friend for first time today - exciting !

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 10-Sep-13 08:01:24

picture eek -that does sound a bit traumatic - hope all is well and that it's safely in the right place and you can go home.

Gigondas Tue 10-Sep-13 08:44:15

Really your op was last weds? Pain will be bruising as I always think you get a blip about week in as bruising sets in and painkillers often start to drop as out of hospital and ga has well and truly gone. hope you are glued to sofa today like malt.

Malt is it sleeping or tv? Have you finished downton yet? I was same as you on chemo - ok for first few data then wiped out for About next 5 days then ok.

Waiting on Gp now for repeat prescription - he is always late so I took a leaf out of mas book and got a coffee at waitrose to take with me. Enjoy FB meeting.

reallyreallyworried Tue 10-Sep-13 09:00:16

Hi Gigs yes surgery was Wednesday Evening. I have slightly reduced the pain medication, but think for the next few days. I might just keep dosed up! Definitely a day on the sofa for me! smile xx

KurriKurri Tue 10-Sep-13 09:54:18

Bless you really - you have been through a hell of a lot, physically and mentally, and nothing really can prepare you for it, - I tended to find that you can do stiff upper lip and get through the surgery etc - and you think you are coping, then some little unrelated thing will make you burst into floods of tears. - The emotion has to be released somewhere, and actually I think crying is quite good for you - releases endorphins and all that.

I'm glad your bosses have been supportive, and going back to work will be something to look forward too smile
I agree with Gigs - the pain will be bruising, - they are not gentle when they operate, and also they have your arm pinned over your head for ages so that alone affects all your muscles round there, even before you allow for the surgery.

Anyway - hope you are feeling a bit better today - have you got lots of nice treats lined up? - some good books/mags and DVDs? Take things easy xx

Enjoy your day of woo Gigs - sounds nice and relaxing ,<plays appropriate hippy music and wafts incense around>

Hope all those awake early aren't feeling too tired and manage to catch up on sleep. Mary Rose sounds good Shooting - is it out of the constant water spray now (I know I heard something on the news recently but I've forgotten what it was). Sorry to hear your undercarriage is a double helix.

DH had a pervy teacher at his school, - used to ogle them in the shower (needless to say he was a games teacher), apparently he was eventually sacked in disgrace and prosecuted shock then disappeared (The school joke being 'he was last seen floating down the Forth clinging to a buoy')

waving to all.

malteserzz Tue 10-Sep-13 09:59:24

Mas enjoy the meet !

Really lovely people are being so supportive, I've found the same mostly had a lovely text from someone I work with last night which came just at the right time when I was feeling low smile there are a couple of people I am surprised have not heard more from but maybe they dont know what to say

Gigs think will be bit of dozing and bit of tv watching, am in bed but will get up in a while. Think I've seen 2 of the 3rd series of downton so just got the rest to go

Hate this everything tastes funny time, had pineapple last time which helped but the other night I had some and it seemed to irritate my mouth and throat, could be sucky sweets today instead

KurriKurri Tue 10-Sep-13 10:08:25

Enjoy your meet up MAS smile

Shootingatpigeons Tue 10-Sep-13 10:55:50

MAS enjoy meeting up.

gigs am jealous of woo (ipad just tried to correct that to wee, but then with my double helix I should probably be jealous of that too, though to be honest I don't have any problems that lots of people have after two children have stretched things a bit.) I really have to do some self indulgence stuff, did lots whilst on chemo but since, I have gone back to experiencing northern Protestant ethic guilt about being indulged.

really another coping mechanism is self indulgence, massage, yoga etc. anything that feels nurturing for your body when it is being assaulted by the treatments is good. malt just did the Looking Good, Feeling Good course offered at many hospitals and really enjoyed it, and the freebies....

KK They have finished the spraying and now have these big tubes blowing warm air on it to dry it out. Already you can see the oak as it would have been. I think this stage goes on for four years? Then they will remove the tubes and the wall with viewing windows and you will be able to get up close. I will definitely go again then. There was a panel about the volunteers who dived the site in the 70s. I felt like telling everyone, that was me!!!

Serious gardening day today, just putting on my grubbiest clothes as have manure to spread, who needs the gym grin

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