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Kidney infection with flu like symptoms

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WidowWadman Wed 11-Sep-13 07:00:35

Oh dear. Fingers crossed you'll be better soon.

mandmsmummy Wed 11-Sep-13 00:09:35

So tonight I have had to stop taking second lot of anti bs as I've had a reaction to them. Couldn't stop itching, back to docs tomorrow x

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mandmsmummy Mon 09-Sep-13 21:56:45

Doc not worried still thinks its a part of the infection. Says I should pick up by wed, came on tonight so that's not helping! X

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WidowWadman Mon 09-Sep-13 20:55:21

How annoying. Hope they'll sort you out soon. In the mean time drink and wee often.

mandmsmummy Mon 09-Sep-13 16:22:30

Ok so I have been today with another sample, not as bad but still showing infection so they have changed my anti bs. BUT I have all my symptoms back, indigestion, feeling uncomfortable in my upper tummy area, and a horrible feeling in my hip like a hot liquid running??
Doc ringing me back again but so fed up now x

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WidowWadman Mon 09-Sep-13 07:03:20

Might be worth doing, especially if you're not really getting better.

mandmsmummy Sun 08-Sep-13 21:05:38

Oh blimey poor u.
I don't know to be honest I'm going to ring tomorrow. I saw the doc fri at five so I'm guessing it might not have been sent off? X

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WidowWadman Sun 08-Sep-13 20:57:46

It developed very quickly when I was pregnant - I'd gone in with back pain in the evening and everything seemed normal, so pain was put down to posture. Developed shaking and fever a few hours later. Went back to hospital in the morning where I threw up on their floor and was admitted and put on the drip straight away. Everything was ok in the end, but a rather scary and painful experience.

Have they done a test to see whether the bug is sensitive to the antibiotics your getting?

mandmsmummy Sun 08-Sep-13 19:18:05

I'm on day three of anti bs and feel a tad better but not great. Gosh how did you end up in hospital with it? X

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WidowWadman Sun 08-Sep-13 16:48:56

I've had one recently, which took 2 courses of ABs to clear, although started feeling slightly better at the end of the first (5 days). I also had a really nasty one a couple of years ago, which had me in hospital on a drip for 3 days and off work for 2 weeks.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

mandmsmummy Sun 08-Sep-13 13:26:06

Thanks wid!
Saw doc on fri who did a urine test. Went with very vague symptoms. Pain in my tummy and back which I'd had a while. Feel bloody awful today. Can't do anything apart from sit or lay. How long does it take? I have two little ones and while hubby is amazing he will be at work tomorrow x x

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WidowWadman Sun 08-Sep-13 13:12:59

Yep, fluey symptoms are pretty normal. And it may last quite a while. Take it steady and don't try to go 'back to normal' too quickly. Antibiotics should kick in quickly if they're right for your bug, but expect to feel quite run down for a while.

And drink loads and wee often. Hope you feel better soon.

mandmsmummy Sun 08-Sep-13 13:10:37

I have a kidney infection and am on anti bs but feel terrible. Is it normal to feel fluey with a kidney infection? Achy, tired etc

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